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Over 75 Reports of Protests on M 19

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world demonstrated against the War in Iraq on Mar. 19th and 20th.
Even as blizzard conditions hit the North East United States, citizens dropped their remote controls and protested the War in Iraq on it's second anniversary. Over 10,000 in San Francisco and several thousand in Seattle, Boston, Chicago, NYC, LA, San Diego, Pittsburgh, and Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Hundreds of thousands came out around the world in dozens of cities from Athens, Greece to Auckland, New Zealand. Over 100,000 in Belgium alone.

Mainstream Media once again gave little to no coverage of the occasion. Thank you to all involved with the Independent Media Centers. Without these volunteers, we would be completely isolated from what's happening around the country and the world

For an updated list of all of the reports with links to each article, see:


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Better URL 22.Mar.2005 10:55

Nutmeg Alfredo

Real Commitment 22.Mar.2005 11:02


On the second anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, about 2,000 Oregon protesters managed to briefly exit their vehicles to direct their ire at the current oil war in the mideast. From Portland to Bend to Ashland and places in between, protesters held the usual signs: "honk for peace" and "no oil wars."

One could guess at the reasons for the very low turnout: (1) protest marches are becoming passe, (2) Reps. DeFazio, Hooley, Walden, and Wu recently approved another $81 billion for the war, so there's nothing we can do, and (3) we are becoming accustomed to oil wars; after all, we need the stuff.

In 1982, then-U.S. Secretary of State Alexander Haig uttered these profound words: "Let them march all they want, as long as they continue to pay their taxes." My 2005 addendum to Mr. Haig's quote is "Let them march, or not march, all they want, as long as they continue to buy gasoline and diesel."

I'll believe that anti-war liberals are seriously troubled by illegal oil wars only after they refuse to pay war taxes, and they give up their fossil fuel-burning vehicles.


At the protest 22.Mar.2005 18:33


I came up from Springfield to the protest and it was sad to see so few people.....I understand that many are burnt out after the fraud in November and the big protests on January 20th. We need other avenues, we need stronger tactics. Protests are good but strikes are better. Buy Nothing days, No Driving days. Even if we start small, it will be a start. They care a lot more about losing money than having us in the street, anyway.

Hey Burro! 22.Mar.2005 18:45

Don't be an Ass

"I'll believe that anti-war liberals are seriously troubled by illegal oil wars only after they refuse to pay war taxes, and they give up their fuel-burning vehicles."

With that beautiful logic of yours, we might as well seriously consider giving up, surrendering, and driving ourselves one last time to the nearest concentration camp.

You are very right. 22.Mar.2005 21:38

D. Burbeck

That is exactly what we all need to do, and if you would ask them, they are moving in those directions.....but these are pretty huge moves and they take time. Be patient. People are only now starting to realize the mess we are in with the voting machines in the hands of the Repukes.