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Big Box Store stopped at Burnside Bridgehead

From Onward Oregon's e-mail to me today
Burnside Bridgehead Update

Big-Box Averted! What you've accomplished
If you've been following this issue in the news at all, you probably know that we've prevented a big-box store from being dropped on the East end of the Burnside Bridge. Thank you for making this action successful.

More than any other action we've undertaken, your involvement changed the course of history. 591 Onward Oregon members sent messages to the Portland Development Commission, and those messages came at a time when it was widely thought that a Home Depot or Lowe's was a "done deal."

Both Opus Northwest and Gerding/Edlen Development have resubmitted their proposals without a big-box anchor store. The Beam proposal never had one. The Opus NW resubmission reads, "Notably, the revised design eliminates the need for a big box retailer, in favor of an anchor tenant surrounded by smaller local retailers and restaurants, affordable housing and creative spaces."

Public Presentation This Week
On Wednesday, March 23rd, you can see presentations of updated proposals by the developers at a open house for members of the public with the PDC Commissioners. This PDC Board of Commissioners meeting will take place at OMSI, 1945 SE Water Ave., starting at 3 PM. The Burnside Bridgehead agenda item has a time-certain start of 5 PM.

Even this meeting is a result of your public input--originally a decision was to be announced back in January!

You Got Heard
The Portland Tribune ran the headline, "Constituents speak, PDC listens." Don't forget to tell your friends about Onward Oregon. The more folks on board, the more successes we will have. Visit our Tell-a-Friend webpage >>

Thank you,
Lenny Dee, Linda Bebernes & Rick Ray

P.S. For more info, see the PDC's Burnside Bridgehead webpage. ( http://www.pdc.us/ura/central_eastside/burnside-bridgehead.asp)

homepage: homepage: http://www.onwardoregon.org/

Keep the Pressure on PDC 23.Mar.2005 12:41


Altough Opus Northwest and Gerding/Edlen have resubmitted plans that do not include Big Boxes, that doesn't mean that they can't return to the original plan once they get the contract.

Furthermore, this decision was supposed to be decided in February. The people have spoken, and they want the Beam proposal. Why is the PDC giving Opus Northwest and Gerding/Edlen time to revamp their proposal?

Will the same coutesy be given to Beam if the other two proposals pick up popular support?


YES! 23.Mar.2005 14:12


yes! yes! Yes! Great job everybody!