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Infestations of Dangerous Liquified Natural Gas-Lower Columbia not only site

A Solution not worth the price
Article created: 03/21/2005 12:39:59 PM

Long Island joins LNG terminal fight

Connecticut residents are no longer alone in their resentment of the liquefied natural gas terminal proposed for the middle of the Long Island Sound. Now, many Long Island residents and politicians have joined the crusade against the terminal.
The floating terminal has been proposed by Broadwater Energy, a joint venture of TransCanada Corp. and Shell U.S. Gas & Power Co. and would be located in New York waters about nine miles from Wildwood State Park on Long Island and 11 miles from Branford in Connecticut.

But a public hearing in the Long Island community of Wading River gathered about 200 people, many of them environmentalists, who were there to share their reasons for opposing the terminal. Representatives of Connecticut groups attended the hearing as well.

And there are plenty of reasons.

As many environmentalists in Connecticut already know, the $700 million facility has more than enough reasons for people in both Connecticut and Long Island to be concerned.

It would essentially make the western end of Long Island Sound an industrial zone, causing a tremendous disruption to the flora and fauna that live in the Sound's waters.

And, in the event of an explosion, the floating gas terminal which would process one billion cubic feet of gas each day would instantly become one of the largest environmental disasters of all time.

Not to mention the aesthetic damage the facility would cause. The monstrous terminal would stretch longer than four football fields visible from each side of the coast of Long Island Sound for miles around and would soar 100 feet out of the water. As it is now, the Sound is a majestic body of water. Why take one of the last signs of the beauty of nature in this region and turn it into a floating industrial park?

There's even been significant safety concerns raised over the terminal. In these times of unprecedented homeland security, the floating terminal would pose a huge terrorist threat. According to a recent report from a government nuclear weapons lab, a terror attack on a tanker delivering liquefied natural gas at a U.S. port could set off a fire so hot it would burn skin and damage buildings nearly a mile away.

That mile-radius would also prevent any ships or tankers from crossing into the mile-long parameter surrounding the facility, disrupting the economically vital bottleneck of the Sound.

Many Connecticut residents have already been complaining in attempts to spread the word of the tremendous threat this facility would pose to the regions. It's welcome that many Long Islanders are making their voices heard, too.

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