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Kid gun downs kids

A sad day when children mimic thier leaders speacial forces...
Idiot kid shoots dead students in Minnisota.

Perhaps they should just send that kid to Iraq. He must have gotten confused acting like a US soldier in Iraq, Afghanistan, Phillipenes, Columbia, Hati...etc. Perhaps President Bush will give him a medal of honor for acting out like a god damn american killer. A for effort.

Right action just the wrong place. So off to work in a death squad as if he's trained in the school of the Americas.
MONTAUK BOY behavior? 21.Mar.2005 21:59

read this

could be real stress, could be MKULTRA programming.

be aware of what your gov't does:

COLUMBINE school shootings were MONTAUK BOY psyop terror operation
author: bielek.com
This is transcribed from Alfred Bielek: Digital Video Autobiography, 6 hours, Part III

"This is one aspect I would like to get public. This Montauk Boys program is very subversive, it is very invasive, it inserts in many areas of our society in a very unobvious manner. But it's very real. . . ."


Red Lake Chippewa Indian Reservation 21.Mar.2005 22:37

former minnesotan

rural community close to the city of Bemidji, in northern Minnesota.

the high school has about 300 students

All the more reason 22.Mar.2005 07:09


To arm yourself in preparation for the local equivalent of Operation Gladio.
As our new domestic CIA does what it does best.
The solution of course is to confiscate private 'civilian' fire arms.

kill 22.Mar.2005 10:07


Growing up on a poverty stricken 3rd world-like reservation could make any kid want to kill somebody. Who needs MKULTRA when we have Native American Pow camps?

Bullseye 22.Mar.2005 10:23

Bird Dog

Said Sheepdog.

They have already test marketed the idea of taking all fire arms from the people.
They are only trying to cook up a reason to make that step reality.

Just like cooking a frog, up with the temp until it's too late to stop it.

right in the Bushes lap 22.Mar.2005 10:50


the Native American camp is further evidence that there many be a government secrecy link: the black technology projects branches of the Pentagon has intentionally made deals to experiement within the territory of Native reservations, because the Pentagon and others can evade U.S. laws that way.

see the book, Bushwhacked by Uri Dowbenko

or see the book The Octopus: Secret Government and the Death of Danny Casolaro -- by Kenn Thomas, Jim Keith

and guess what, it leads back into the lap of the Bushes of course.

Sheeesh... 23.Mar.2005 14:36


IMHO this is just another whacked out teenager pressured by his unpopularity, stress of living on an Indian POW camp and endless hours of programing by violent video games and mind numbing television.

leave your brain by the door 24.Mar.2005 21:56


"IMHO this is just another whacked out teenager "

Evidence? I thought so.

not really 29.Mar.2005 15:19

no really

Hey this stuff wouldent happen if the wasent people always making fun of someone there whole life this kid just took it to far. But still Im sure he just got and said i think ill kill some one today for no resone

Jeff 21.Apr.2005 12:48


You know it's ridiculous that people have nothing better to do than sit around and think about what was going thru Jeff's mind. Jeff was troubled. Period. By those who taunted him from day one. A rough life that was made worse by hateful kids who weren't taught by thier parents this thing called: empathy. Jeff was a very intelligent person which I can see in his writings. It's just sad that not many people paid enough attention to him. It's just sad to see that even in death he is still taunted.