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the Gannon odor still lingers in the scene like smelly old fish

Last week there was a lot of revelations given here at PIMC about
the background to Gluckert-Gannon-Gosch and it sparked a lot of
heated commentary. Then mention of him died down, and some surely
hoped mention of him would simply go away and soon be forgotton,
as there as those who wish to see the background scene forgotton
and not looked at any closer than already so...they don't want us
looking behind that curtain, as there is lot's of ugly stuff they
wish us not to see or know about.

Well, guess what...Gannon is back...thanks to Sherman Skolnick, he
is thrown back out onto our little stage...and the stink is still
there...it's getting more rotton too folk's...read and see for
Gannon Cannon - Part 6
Bush-Red Sox Scandal
By Sherman H. Skolnick

The American spy agencies like to use private groups as an adjunct, as a proprietary firm. Why?Because such entities are not subject to having their data divulged under the Federal Freedom of Information Act. For example, acting in that capacity for many years, with more facilities and employees than the American CIA itself has been Wackenhut. [ Spy Magazine, 9/92.]

Unless you were very well-informed, you might not suspect the type of firms the American CIA would use, or the type of persons. The television series "I Spy" was about a CIA covert operator, being a tennis player. But some folks either do not remember that, or were not born then yet.

Hushed up and censored have been federal criminal cases involving the tv networks being tight with the traditional Mafia in sports events. Such as the Norbey Walters case in Chicago, which did get some press coverage but then the corruptible Federal Appeals Court in Chicago turned loose the convicted culprits and then witnesses were murdered. So. the tv networks walked way free.

And among the press-fakers, who is going to remind you of such matters?

As we told you eariler in this series, Jeff Gannon, most likely alias Johnny Gosch, was reputedly a torture expert, used as an expert by those acting as advisors to George W. Bush. telling the occupant of the White House how to circumvent and defeat the U.S. Constitution and how the U.S. could sidestep its mandatory responsibilities as signatory to the Geneva Conventions on the humane treatment of prisoners.

Those two prior advisors to Bush apparently approving of such torture were rewarded. Alberto Gonzales was made the U.S. Attorney General, and Michael Chertoff was put in as head of the American Gestapo, Homeland Security.

Jeff Gannon has been an Escort Service and traveling whorehouse operative, who from time to time ostensibly stayed upstairs at the White House, at the apartment of George W. Bush. Gannon's torture expertise came from sexual perversions such as S-M.

And Gannon ostensibly traveled to U.S. facilities where torture of so-called "terrorist suspect" prisoners was used. Such as at Guantanamo Bay and Baghdad prison, in U.S.. foreign invader occupied Iraq.

Somehow, the Boston Red Sox and their management became reputedly an adjunct of the American CIA. And that this began quite some years ago. So it should not surprise wide-awake folks that a jet belonging to a partner of the ball playing team arranged with the CIA to use his jet to transport so-called "terrorist suspect" prisoners in U.S. custody to overseas destinations where torture of prisoners is NOT illegal, according to local customs, practices, and usages, and by local laws there, if any. The torture, by the way, resulted in almost no useful data.

The American CIA apparently arranged with the Red Sox management to have several dozen espionage operatives posing as being with the Red Sox office people. Such as purported consultants on sports activities, concession questions, sale of beverage matters, such as Coca-Cola, and similar harmless-sounding positions. Like a similar situation at now more fully-scandalized Enron, the management offices were places for "spooks" to hang their hat.

[As to what of Enron scandal is still censored, visit our series on Enron, www.skolnicksreport.com As to "Coca-Cola, CIA, and the Courts", visit the series www.skolnicksreport.com]

Notice the events believed by some to be related. The Boston area is where deep cover operative Valerie Plame operated behind a CIA proprietary consulting firm. She had under her supevision upwards of one hundred CIA penetration agents resident and inserted in places around the globe hostile to the U.S. Some of these operatives may have been flown near to their destinations by a Red Sox jet.

A Special Federal Prosecutor in Chicago, through federal grand juries, is compiling data that tends to show that Jeff Gannon, while in or near the White House with George W. Bush, was given data and documents directly by Bush himself used to blow the cover of deep CIA operative Valerie Plame. And that this was used as a reprisal against Plame because her husband, a former U.S. Ambassador, criticized Bush.

The consequences are treasonous acts by Bush subject to his removal from office by Impeachment trial as well as subjecting him to severe federal criminal penalties. Quite a number of the penetration agents supervised by Plame, were murdered as a result of the unlawful public disclosure by George W. Bush as supervised by Daddy Bush..

In the 1980s, both ABC and CBS were the subjects of federal grand jury inquiries and accusations. Namely, that both networks corrupted sports events, corrupted sports team management and paid ofr some team players. A key witness against ABC was murdered and other grand jury witnesses chickened out. Being before Internet, and websites, and talk radio, it was easy for the radio and tv networks to cover up.

Related questions.

What was the result of the Red Sox management possibly assisting the American CIA with fake stories that part of the Moslem team that supposedly left Boston by plane on 9-11 and supposedly were onboard planes that crashed into the WTC Twin Towers and the Pentagon?

[Several documented studies show no such Moslems were onboard such planes and further, that no such planes crashed into the buildings as falsely contended by the liars and whores of the press. More details, as to the buildings having internal explosives, www.cloakanddagger.ca ]

The Chicago Tribune on 3/20/5, played up big the Red Sox jet and the "terror suspect" prisoners apparently moved overseas by such jet. The parent firm, Tribune Company, also owns the Cubs baseball team. The Tribune, however, failed to tell the public plenty,even though it might be detrimental to their competitor, the Chicago White Sox.

Knowledgeable sources raise questions about the Chicago White Sox being somehow beholden to the American CIA, like the Boston Red Sox. Although they would deny it, US Cellular, is believed to be overly friendly to the spy community. And US Cellular is more or less a partner with the Chicago White Sox. In fact, White Sox Ball Park was renamed US Cellular Field.

Quesiions remain:




More coming. Stay tuned.

I am sick of this mind control 22.Mar.2005 05:04


Reading a preview of the NYTs piece on Gannon I was struck by his casual reference to his love object, his dog WINSTON. Is he poking fun at the readers? Is this what this Gannongate is all about? The feeble minded American public living in a 1984 scenario where we are to believe whatever Big Brother tells us to bleieve and at any moment that belief is subject to change without notice.

Just read up on this Winston character and see what role he played in the world created by Big Brother.

Where is the source? 22.Mar.2005 09:32


How has it become known that CIA operatives were "murdered" because of the disclosure? Where is the source and proof of such murders?

this article (not its subject) is from a comic book 22.Mar.2005 10:19

have you "collected" this article yet poster?

It's all over the place and dosn't seek to back up its assertions of fact with any sources other than the mention of them. Johnny Gosch is a real dissapearence possibly linked to child abuse/blackmail rings in government and tertiary sectors in the US. See "The Franklin Scandal" written by John Descamp, a Nebraska state representative who exposed the corruption his collegues and bosses wanted him to cover up like everyone else on the payroll. Gannon may or may not be Gosch, but all this comic book stuff about sports teams and tv spying dosn't do anyone any good. Get real folks - unless you don't want child sex abuse in government in the US to appear real. In that case, you have succeeded so far as this post is concerned.

I've read all Six of Sherman's articles on this 23.Mar.2005 10:34


craziness and I find them compelling, well-documented, and certainly plausible!
So why all this needless bashing of Sherman...don't attack him, but attack what
his write's with FACTS...we don't need bullshit anymore in this country...we need
the TRUTH and nothing but the truth. Say NO to Sherman-bashing...just say "NO!"

source on cia use of red sox jet 24.Mar.2005 09:00


 link to www.boston.com

w's lover is a guantanamo torturer.

Guckert-Gannon is Left Handed was Johnny Gosch? 09.Apr.2005 03:45

Bastard badetspy@hotmail.com

I was watching Guckert-Gannon on C-Span at the National Press Club. At the 14 minute mark Guckert-Gannon picks up a pen and starts writing. He is clearly Left Handed. Surely Noreen Gosch must remember if her son Johnny Gosch was left or right handed?