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The Serious Top 10 List (Facing America/Earth Today) No F-ing Joke

This top ten is ranked upon sequence of dependency as it would lead to greater ill and harm in the way of human rights, our environment, and the very existence of life as we know it.
1. A free and objective press. Even if mankind had democracy, without accurate information, it cannot function efficiently.

2. Fair and transparent elections. A well-informed electorate is powerless, unless it can peacefully express itself through valid elections.

3. Removal of all financial influence in government affairs so that all decisions by elected officials and all elected officials themselves have no potential conflicts of interest.

4. Complete retraction of all priveleges accorded for state secrets, based on the assumption that the greatest danger to America or any nation's peoples, functioning under 1-3 above, is and always has been from enemies within.

5. The immediate cessation of warfare in favor of diplomacy, subject to #1-4 above.

6. The immediate engagement of all environmental issues that threaten the planet's ecology and wildlife, based on the prevalance of scientific evidence to support them.

7. The immediate engagement of all humanitarian issues such that no human being us allowed to die from abject poverty in any part of the world, while there is accumluation of wealth in the developed world.

8. Commitment among all nations to a common foundation of educational achievement for all human beings.

9. Global standards for the distribution of wealth based on progressive taxation, such that capitalism and trade may function according to competitive markets, encouraging personal achievement and choice and differences in standards of living, but discouraging exploitation.

10. Global acceptance of the concept of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" regardless of race, color, religion, sex, sexual-orientation, or any other aspect of personal existence that can be lived without adverse effect on other human beings.
10 Most Pressing Questions Facing Most Americans 22.Mar.2005 10:54

a nony mouse

1. Who's going to cheat next on "Desperate Housewives" 2. Who's going to come back from the dead next on General Hospital? 3. Did Oprah really dump Steadman? 4. Will Aston K. dump his 'Old' Lady? 5. Will Ed McMahon knock on my door this year? 6. Should I order the new Holiday Barbie now to beat the rush? 7. Arab looking people moved in two blocks away. Should I call the police? 8. Miracle Grow or Hypen-X? 9.Swanson's or Banquet? 10. Super or Regular? (sorry-couldn't help myself)