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Interview with Tabby about FBI Harrassment

My friend tabby676 had a run in with the FBI. I've decided to interview her about it. I have to admit at the outset that this whole thing scares me. I can't believe that the government can persecute a person for his or her political beliefs, but this just shows how middle class I really am.

Question 1: On what basis has the FBI contacted you and what do you guess the consequences of the investigation will be?

They claim that they contacted me based upon a comment that I may or may not have made 3 months ago to a person who may or may not have informed them of that conversation. This is clearly B.S. surely were it such an emergency they would not wait 3 months to have me come in, so honestly I do not know what the real basis is.

Question 2: Are you considered an "enemy combatant" and are you concerned about incarceration without due process or representation?

I am not currently but based upon what they were saying it seems they may be trying to go that route.

Question 3: Have you been charged with a crime? Is the FBI investigating a crime to which you are a material witness?


Question 4: What questions did they ask? Do you anticipate more contact with the FBI?

If there is no answer or response here you can assume the response or answer was I'm not going to answer that question.

What is your name? answered
Who are you dating? (That is none of your business.)
Who pays for your cell phone?
Who buys your plane tickets?
What were you doing in DC?

-20 minutes of me and my lawyer asking what this is about-

Do you currently have any plans to go to Iraq to help the "freedom fighters" by providing them with health care?
We have an informant who says you said that while you were in DC, (note I was in DC is fucking January why would they suddenly care now even if I did say that, which I seriously fucking doubt that I did???) What do you do as a medic? Gave them the web address for action-medical.org
Do you have any certification as a medic?

Are you an anarchist? (eight times) to which I answered you can ask that question as many times as you like I still will not answer it.
Are you against the government?
Are you against the current administration?
Why don't you have a credit card?
Why don't you have a bank account?
Do you have a passport? (to which I answered, no, and surely you knew that already, and then they said well we knew you did not have a passport, under that name)
Are you against the war in iraq?
Are you against the way the war in iraq is being handled? you know this is the USA you can believe whatever you want it doesn't matter (to which I said well then why are you asking me these questions?) no discernable answer just a change of subject you know we are not making this up we are from the domestic terrorism task force this isn't a joke or something and we really need to clear this up I would ask you another question but you would just refuse to answer it (I grinned) Aw see I think she smiled well that's it that's the end of this interview. This investigation is ongoing and open you will hear from us again... blah blah blah.

Question 5: What advice have you received from your lawyer in terms of making sure that you aren't treated as an enemy combatant?

He is currently seeking this information from the ACLU

Are your civil rights, your right to due process, for instance, going to be upheld?

This is possible I suppose I just don't know, mostly because I don't know what this is about.

I've got one more. You say the FBI insisted on the interview. What would the consequences have been if you had refused to appear?

They told my lawyer " we could always just go and pick her up and talk to her at our convenience."

Did the FBI make these consequences clear?

Seems pretty clear to me.

fuck with them 22.Mar.2005 07:25


But do not lie. That's a federal offence.
Also they get paid to fuck with you and you don't get paid to adapt to the BFs, RFs and general legal and extra legal harrassment.

harrass fbi 23.Mar.2005 06:26

karl roenfanz ( rosey ) k_rosey48@hotmail.com

civil rights ? search and sizure removed by "patriot" act. right to sue removed by "homeland security" act. both unconstitutional, but what else has congress passed in secrete ?????

I think you're on to something there "nearing retirement" about 23.Mar.2005 10:41

these Creepy Jordon joker

he's only been on local TV news a few times, and he do seem like an odd fellow.
He's not nearly as good a "tv personality" as was the previous fellow that retired.
I don't have much trust of this Jordon fellow...he don't inspire me as being what we
decent people call an "honorable man"...too much heavy-baggage he brought with him from
wherever he came from...I understand he was forced to come here due to his be a trouble-
some "employee" somewhere else and they wanted to demote his ass/put him in his place!
So...if you got a guy like this in charge, then no surprise that his underlings are just
assholes...this ain't "rocket science" people!

asdf 23.Mar.2005 12:29


Was any of this unexpected? I expected it since the 1960s. And...wow, we're finally here!

Be brave...we are now under attack.

I just saw this Jordan-character on KGW's 6:00PM News 23.Mar.2005 18:05

the guy is out of his league

on for short snippet...he is so obviously out of it...over his head here in PDX.

You're right up there that said he needed "retiring" or he's "retired-on-the-job" one!

I don't why it is, these feds send their damned loser's out here to us in Portland?

Fuck the Feds!

DON'T TALK TO COPS!! 24.Mar.2005 01:35

Joe Blow

I read the interview with Tabby regarding her Q+A with the FBI. The fact is, despite their implied threat that they could pick her up and question her at their convenience, Tabby could have told them to FUCK OFF!! It's against "the law" to lie to the pigs, especially the federal pigs, but YOU DON'T HAVE TO SPEAK WITH THEM AT ALL!!

Of course, this is easier said than done, and I'm sure the whole thing was intimidating for her (it's MEANT to be!!), but readers would be well-advised to NOT respond to them or to ANY pigs (nor to any mainstream media assholes for that matter). Though you think you may be able to hold your own under questioning (whether they heavily grill you or use the good cop/bad cop routine or even make little jokes to disarm you), even the most inocuous and seemingly innocent comments from you ("I have nothing to hide") can give them ammunition to use against you, and use it they WILL. We DO NOT live in a "free country" -- this is a finely-tuned version of Nazi Germany and they're using all of the police state powers available to them!! Unless they declare that you're under arrest, in which case you should REALLY shut up, they cannot detain you for questioning or force you to answer ANY of their questions. Once you submit to their questioning, you are acknowledging their authority over you and essentially acquiescing your right to remain silent.

Even if no arrest or detention results from your encounter with the pigs, you should expect that they will maintain a file on you, use your phone to record and trace incoming and outgoing calls and callers and then replicate the process on those persons' phones, and so on ad infinitum, and TRY to intimidate you and your friends from engaging in any form of political activity or speaking out on issues. They may even use COINTELPRO scams like telling your friends that YOU gave them a tip and/or telling you that one of your friends tipped them off abaout you -- "divide and conquer" works like a charm!!

Also remember that your home phone is really a listening device, even when it is on the hook and not in use!! They can come on and off your line whether you're on or off the phone, and you won't hear a click or any sound. Always disconnect the wire connecting the receiver to the phone when it is on the hook so that "they" can't eavesdrop on you at home -- you'll still hear your phone ring, and you can re-connect when you want to pick up. OF COURSE, when you're on the phone, WATCH WHAT YOU SAY!! Even when they use non-human monitoring systems to listen in, key words or phrases like "terrorism" "kill Bush" or even "fuck the pigs" will red flag you. Better to make an arrangement to meet your friend in person than to have an hour long discussion about organizing, planning, or whatever else "they" may be interested in.

It's most effective to work with a tight cell of close friends whom you've known for ever -- large groups or organizations are usually either infiltrated by undercover pigs (especially those with an open door policy) and/or such groups are really fronts for other organizations using a cloak.
Use fake names wherever possible, don't put your info on any political group's mailing or meeting lists, use a mail drop under a fake name for political activism, and stay below the radar. IF you accomplish some really great thing(s), let the results speak for themselves -- you don't really need to get credit and then have the pigs all over you, do you? (How do you think ELF members keep getting caught?) Keep 'em guessing!!

I could go on, but you get the idea. Use your imagination, be careful, and most of all, DON'T TALK TO COPS!!

FBI is the "enemy combatants" 29.Mar.2005 12:37

Luke from DC

Hre's my take on it:
#1: No US left activstr has EVER been declared an "enemy combatant," as it is
believed that this would have the same consequences that prosecuting
activists like Jane Fonda for "treason" during Vietnam would have had.

#2. Just ONE case of a nonviolent activist being declared an enemy combatant
would surely cause activists in physical force oriented groups like ELF
to step up to the plate just as there was a tenfold escalation in ALF
strikes on HLS targets in response to Federal harassment and injunctions
aimed at SHAC. This being so, my guess is the FBI is BLUFFING trying to
scare people, like Bu$h with nuclear-armed North Korea.

#3. Since the U$ is already waging war on essentially ALL of Earth, it is
the FBI that should be regarded as "enemy combatants." In other words,
if they come to your doorstep it is no different than when soldiers storm
people's homes in Iraq and the same rules of engagement apply.

#4. Want to declare ME an "enemyt combatant?" Want to tell me and EVERYONE
to "Bring it on?"

technical question about phones 29.Mar.2005 16:47

Newt Knight

It was stated above to disconnect the cord from the receiver to the phone when it's on the cradle.
What about cordless phones (not mobile cell phones, but landline phones with a cordless receiver}?
These are much more common in U.S. homes now than phones with a cord attaching the receiver to the body of the phone. Are they inherently unsecured when not in use?
Thanks, and I second the above ideas about not talking to cops, all you should ever say to them is "Am I being detained?", "I'm leaving" (or "leave now"), and "I want to speak to my (an) attorney."

phones 01.Apr.2005 07:40

karl roenfanz (rosey ) k_rosey48@hotmail.com

they don't need phones, the civilian version of radio relay bug has a range of five miles. laser pick-up is line of sight. best is to scan for bugs and double curtain, me i don't bother, the v.a. has been trying to kill me for years anyway. thats what you get for being in the military, fourth rate medical.