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URGENT ALERT: Logging of Biscuit Roadless Forests Imminent

i just got this in my in-box. i know people can get wary about "URGENT ALERTS", but here's why this particular issue is important AND new: The cutting so far in the Biscuit has been in "matrix" sales (set aside for logging anyway, though still defendable), and one (Fiddler) in "late successional reserves" (set aside NOT to be cut), but NONE yet in the roadless areas. So this call-to-action is definitely important. Once again, it's about the Bush administration pushing the envelope, arggh.
We Need You to Call Governor Ted Kulongoski

The Biscuit logging project constitutes an imminent, grave threat to roadless forests in the Siskiyou Wild Rivers area, and across the nation. A strong, unified response is needed to safeguard irreplaceable roadless forests for future generations.

Please contact Governor Ted Kulongoski and urge him to publicly oppose Biscuit roadless logging.

The Forest Service has put together the first Biscuit roadless timber sale, called Mike's Gulch. The Forest Service says it will auction the sale in a matter of a few weeks.

photo: The Siskiyou Wild River's roadless areas are critical to the functioning of a Siskiyou Wild Rivers National Conservation Area. photo by Barbara Ullian

We urge you to call, write or fax (go to our web site to fax) Governor Ted Kulongoski asking him to publicly oppose any logging of roadless areas on the Biscuit landscape. The governor has indicated in the past his opposition to Biscuit roadless logging. We need to encourage him to make a strong public statement.

Call the governor's office at 503-378-4582 . . . . . Write him at: 254 State Capitol, Salem OR, 97310

Or send an free instant fax at  http://www.siskiyou.org.

The Biscuit logging project is the first to threaten Inventoried Roadless Forests since the popular Roadless Area Conservation Rule was created. As a result, the Biscuit logging project could set a precedent with implications for many millions of acres of roadless federal forests across the nation. To this extent, the Biscuit logging project poses a threat not only to the Kalmiopsis roadless area but also roadless areas beyond, making this not only a local issue but a national one.

The Biscuit logging project threatens to log many thousands of acres of roadless forests, totaling 13 square miles.

According to the Biscuit FEIS, the Biscuit project would degrade the wilderness character of 48,208 roadless acres. In all likelihood, these acres would not be eligible for future Wilderness designation, due to the fragmentation of the roadless areas from logging and other activities.

In this time of great need, your financial support matters. You can donate online at www.siskiyou.org, or call the Siskiyou Project to discuss giving opportunities and in-kind donation of supplies and equipment: (541) 592-4459.

Please take action now!
Remember, you can send a free fax from the Siskiyou Project website: www.siskiyou.org

Siskiyou Regional Education Project
9335 Takilma Road, Cave Junction, OR 97523
(541) 592-4459

Siskiyou Project - Campaign Office
917 SW Oak, Suite 407 Portland, OR 97205
(503) 222-6101

Protecting the world-class Siskiyou Wild Rivers area for future generations of all species.

Fiddler's not the only one. 23.Mar.2005 16:00

Cascadia RiSiNG! EcoDefense

Just wanted to correct one inaccuracy. Fiddler is just one of 6 or 7 LSR (late successional reserve) sales.

At least 2 or 3 of them are being logged at the same time as Fiddler -- Fiddler is just one of the worst parts of the insane Biscuit project, and has the most public support behind it.