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Death with Dignity!

Why are we Oregonians (Cascadians!) not standing up and screaming about the intervention of the imperial government into this case? Do you not know this is paving the way against Death with Dignity in Oregon?
The tragedy of the Terri Schiavo now has Emperor Bush and Darth DeLay the Hammer imposing their powers into this case. The Bush Clan has in the past claimed their goal for the death with dignity in Oregon to be revoked. What are we waiting for? Why are we just sitting here? This is not the America we knew. Its time for Oregon and Washington States with the counties of northern California to legally and politically become Cascadia! The constitutional contract that once held this federal republic is over! Wake up! Democracy symbolically died with the two false elections. And today that "united states" with its promise of states rights has died! "The Fed is dead! May the Divine curse the King!"