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Free Book: Identifying Spies and Infiltrators

Release for free to dissidents.
Identifying Spies and Infiltrators
Identifying Spies and Infiltrators
Don't be duped by COINTELPRO.
great work! 21.Mar.2005 21:19

on the download

i read it cover-to-cover. great stories, and great lessons drawn from those stories. engaging and informative. definitely recommended. (wish you'd get off the copyright thing, though!)

listen to your mother 21.Mar.2005 23:31


don't talk to strangers
don't take candy

even suburban blue-rince liberals canvassing for the bookmobile
should _know_ who all their comrades are
where they come from
what they do when they aren't with you

if they don't trust you with who they are
don't trust them with what you do

Marking a work with notice is a good idea 22.Mar.2005 00:29


By "notice" I mean notice that the work is protected by copyright and that the author's rights are reserved.

An assertive defense of copyright would have saved a great deal of trouble when that asshole was glomming Devoy's stuff from his Web site, altering it and posting it on IMCs and elsewhere. A valid DMCA complaint against the KOBEHQ site or the fake IMC would have been good, at the least, for some healthy amusement.

As for this pamphlet, it seems to be far less about anything of practical use to political activists than it is about repeating the same accusations we've all heard a jillion times before. Been there, done that, used the tattered remnants of the T-shirt to clean up spilled coffee ages ago.

For serious reading about COINTELPRO and basic security for political activists, I recommend Brian Glick's book and the articles on Political Research Associates' Web site at www.publiceye.org.

Good pamphlet 23.Mar.2005 06:12


Good comments too, except for those by "Skeptic" whom I suspect to be COINTELPRO.