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New Election Fraud Fact Sheets Available

Election reform is the most important issue we face as a nation today. if we do not take back our right to vote and have it counted properly, nothing else matters and we do not live in a democratic republic.
New Election Fraud FACT SHEETS available - please distribute!
These are PDF (Adobe Acrobat) files.

Download - print - copy & distribute these!



New Mexico


Note that these new ones and four earlier (but certainly not obsolete) can be found on the home page and links page ("be the media" section) of the excellent solarbus website:


If you don't know what I'm talking about, click on the above link and inform yourself.
Thank you 20.Mar.2005 23:59

Progressive Democrat

I totally agree with your statements and I thank you very much for the links

MY PLEASURE 22.Mar.2005 00:09

A. Citizen

I in turn, thank the good people who put together the material and made it available for free on their web site.