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I actually believe it.

homepage: homepage: http://www.borowitzreport.com/archive_rpt.asp?rec=1091&srch=

Hahahahaha 20.Mar.2005 16:48

from the same article

Just read the article and can't express my bemused glee at the following quote:

In other news, a bouquet of flowers presented to Dr. Rice in Afghanistan turned out to be heroin-producing poppies.

this can be the picture caption 20.Mar.2005 17:34

poppy Bush watch

Ever wonder why they REALLY call him Poppy?

my fav 20.Mar.2005 19:16


my fav quote from the parody:

“We have been so busy exporting democracy lately that
we may actually need to import some soon.”

I might just have a T-shirt made!

Condi should know 21.Mar.2005 10:42

greg snyder

If anyone should know, truly, about the condition of Democracy in Florida and Ohio, it's Condi or any of the bushies. After all, they engineered and hijacked the farce of the presidential elections of 2000 and 2004 in which democracy was eviscerated for the takeover of government by the bully squad. I believe the popular vote in those states is dead. (And who knows, fraud may have taken place in other states as well, no one knows.) Thanks to the bushies. It will be interesting to see what form democracy takes in Iraq, or anywhere else that the bushies want to impose it. Bush, Rummy, Condi, and Cheney the ghost, don't want Iraq to become an Islamic state because that might make it difficult for them to retain control of the oil reserves there. But they may not have their way. Iraq may eventually become another Islamic fundamentalist state.

Smiling 21.Mar.2005 11:37


Props to whoever posted the Poppy Bush pic.

A new deal for AQ Khan 21.Mar.2005 13:03


Rice has reportedly brought Musharraf yet another concession in the AQ Khan affaire: The Bush admin. will lay off Khan and his underground nuclear dealings in the past, if he throws his weight behind Bush's Social Security proposals. Khan is nearing seventy, so any changes in Social Security would NOT affect him. He will keep getting his paycheck.