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ANWR- whatever

sorry in advance- reds a little drunk tonite!

I heare plenty of talk aboput this drilling in the ANWR- alaska- shrub and his cronies think its great. lotz of folks upset about the environemt not me, I'm upset about the waste of our $$ that this is to be
Shrub is well known for drilling dry holes in texas NOW- He's going to drill dry and FROZEN holes in Alaska. Say I'm bizzy drilling a dry FROZEN hole in ALaska, I need a 1/4 20 x 1" bolt. I call Hallibuyrton- they ship me one good and fast and charge somebody 300$ for five ccent bolt.

Who pays 300$ for the 5cent bolt- probably us blue-state taxpayers! The feds are screwing us over look howe they sic the damn EPA after us for a little poo in the dirty ol' willamette.. Then theres the Pioneer Courthose post office (Gone, replaCE BY plyqwood the last few years for What 2 lousy parking spacves for feds.? Thats right the best block in doiwntown fenced off in plywood for two years for two parjking spaces. - and no more post office!

Shrubs going to dirll somemore dry holes- frozen dry holes- and his buddies are going to make $$$ You and Me, we going to PAY. Dont worry so much about the moose- cows taste better anyways and theyre availabe 3$a pound at freddies... You and me, human beings are going to pay big for a rip-off.\
Shouldn't complain- that bolt for sure qwould be grade 5- or better and I bet get me some greenlee carbide quick-change holecutters. too. I'd acutually like to go to Alaska and work and then taKE SOme pictures of the aurora borealis.

Just warning yall- shruibs trading his shitkickers for some sorels and the frozen dry holes are going to cost someone more than the just dry ones.

Why the hell are everyone so wolrried about a lousy moose or coyote when so m any human beings are suffering under the tyranny of the bush administration??
humans are not an endangered species 19.Mar.2005 18:12

that is why.