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Vancouver WA Starts It Off

Vancouver WA protest begins weekend of actions.
Nearly fifty members of Vancouver For Peace showed Peace banners, flags, & signs from the Evergreen Boulevard overpass, above the I-5, just north of the Columbia, splitting between northbound & southbound, during evening rush today. We were a spirited, determined group, with a nice age spread.

(Halfway thru, a WA state patrolman stopped on the center shoulder below the bridge & asked us on the southbound side to leave, explaining his concern about us distracting drivers, but we did not leave. So he called Vancouver Police, who, when they finally arrived, backed us, so that another state patrol officer simply asked that we not hang anything over the side, but to hold our stuff high, to prevent anything from falling onto the freeway. It's cool to be treated with respect & with smiles from police. It's cool to not feel a knot in my gut with cops around.)

We rec'd lots of horn honks & headlite flashes during this action, from drivers in the trench below & from traffic on the 'pass. This was a majorly positive start of a packed weekend. We'll be joining your march tomorrow, Portland.

"We SHALL overcome!"

Den Mark, Vancouver
Background on Evergreen O'pass sign waving 18.Mar.2005 21:49


The Evergreen Overpass to I-5 is a popular place for people to sign for their favorite political candidates, without interference by police. So, the year before we invaded Iraq, the Clark County Green Party bannered there against attacking Iraq. Early on, police came and told us to leave, and not come back. Outraged, a G.P. member investigated. Turned out the overpass with sidewalks is property of the City of Vancouver to which we citizens are a part. Thereafter, we won our right to wave there! Today a State Patrolperson saw us, and obviously did not know of our right. Thus, he called the City police, who responded with 4 squad cars! After talking with some of us, and giving pointers on holding the banners higher, they left. No big deal, and the media ought not make any more of it, either.

The north side of the Columbia has its peace people! Rise up!

right on, Den Mark & all the other 'couvers who came out! 19.Mar.2005 00:41

regular reader

hope to see ya downtown PDX tomorrow!

We Were There 19.Mar.2005 16:23

Den Mark, Vancouver

We were there with you, Portland. Just got back. Thanks for hosting. When's the next. The need is not over. Onward.

"Risin' up!"

Anti war Vancouver 21.Mar.2005 09:31

Joshua Hughes

We got a pretty good story written in The Columbian on Saturday. We should start going to that overpass every Friday!!