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check out "Battle of the Biscuit" page on this site

There's been tons of stories on the newswire and features in the center column about the efforts to stop logging in the Biscuit. This issue requires some background information to understand completely, and many stories refer to past actions or events. To give yourself an overview of the whole story, answer questions for yourself, and find out how to help, check out the pdx indymedia "Battle of the Bicuit" page here. It's also listed in the left hand column of the site under "ongoing features", and will be there as long as it's an active news thread.

If you want your own article to appear on this special page, be sure to click "save the biscuit" under "action" on the open publishing form.

Also, two upcoming pdx indymedia video collective events will feature original, activist-produced videos about the issues and recent events, including the exciting Direct Action that's happened over the last couple weeks. Showtimes/venues appear at the bottom of this article.

here's the intro text of the page:

In the Summer of 2002, natural forest fires burned in the Siskiyou National Forest in Southern Oregon. The corporate media's panicked reporting made it sound like the world was ending. The truth, however, is that fire has been a normal part of the area for thousands of years, and that the ecosystem's cycles of growth and regeneration are actually fire-dependent.

The Bush administration, however, ignoring both science and common sense, created the "Biscuit Fire Recovery Plan", which -- while disenguously utilizing the language of conservation in its presentation -- threatened to destroy thousands of acres of old growth native habitat. When, in December of 2003, 90% of the 23,000 people who commented on the plan expressed their opposition, the Bush administration declared an "emergency" and removed the ability of citizens to appeal the plan.

The Forest Service claims that half a million acres burned. In actuality, that agency set backburns in a perimeter around the natural fires, and let them join up into one big fire. That perimeter describes an area of half a million acres, but half of that did not burn at all, or burned in a light, healthy underburn, mostly clearing away underbrush. Activists have observed (and even the Forest Service admits) that the burned areas are recovering naturally. Logging them would only disturb this process with long-term deleterious effects to the ecosystem.

The most hotly contested timber sales are those that are categorized as "Late Successional Reserves" (LSRs), a designation from the Clinton-era "Northwest Forest Plan" meant to protect such areas from logging forever. Also in danger are "matrix" sales, which -- though set aside for timber harvest under the same plan -- are also native old growth, and can often be saved from the saw by identifying endangered species, riparian areas, etc.

A lawsuit challenging the legality of cutting in the LSRs begins on March 22. In the meantime, the court system denied citizen requests to forbid logging there in the meantime, so people have turned to direct action. As of mid-March, over 40 arrests have happened during blockades of the road leading to the Fiddler timber sale, on the East side of the Biscuit area, near Selma, Oregon.

Southern Oregon is sparsely populated, and the people there are seeking the help of everyone in Cascadia (and beyond) to help them with their fight.

Organizations fighting the logging:

upcoming events to see video about the issues/action & find out how to help:

  • pdx indymedia "Best of" Videos from The Resistance show, 2002-2005
    Thursday, March 24, 7pm @ Reed College details
  • pdx indymedia Videos from The Resistance, special Biscuit show
    Monday, March 27, 7pm @ It's a Beautiful Pizza (SE Belmont btwn 33rd & 34th)
March 27th is Sunday 18.Mar.2005 15:53


So, it are the video's going to be shown on Sunday or Monday. Would like to come if it is Monday. Let us know what the real date and day of the week the video will be shown at It's A beaufiful Pizza.

monday the 28th 18.Mar.2005 22:24


thanks for saying something!!

yes indeed, we need your help down here 18.Mar.2005 23:34

prettypig guenter@cavenet.com

I am a resident of Cave Junction and small business owner. Not inclined to ask for help but I'm begging. If you can please come and join the growing group camped out at the closure point on eight dollar road that leads to the logging areas.
If you have never been involved in activism before or are unsure about the value of your participation, please consider the perspective of someone who has chosen this incredible and magical place of all the places I have lived and has witnessed the intricate process that has led to this indefensible decision to massacre some of the last remaining old-growth stands remaining. These salvage sales are only the begining of a larger plan that includes logging in Inventoried Roadless Areas that include the north and south kalmiopsis. This shit is simply wrong and we can stop it, but we need help. See the posting for the "Biscuit road closure demo" and other Biscuit postings for more info and directions.