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Vision Democracy
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suggestion :) 18.Mar.2005 09:09

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Post a little "what is" with it, either in your own words or for example, from the about us/philosophy page, also make the link clickable by using "http://", just for convenience. thanks for the post.
ABOUT vision democracy:

According to conventional wisdom, America is politically divided, cleft in two, and the struggle is epic.

If you listen to most social commentators on how democracy in America is unfolding, you see two distinct caricatures in America: blue and red, Dem and Repub, Streisand-loving anti-war traitors, and Jesse Helms-worshipping, gun-toting, gay bashers.

Conservatives, as we know, believe in low regulation, small government (except when it comes to legislating morality), a strong, activist military, and private sector-driven, traditional values.

And Liberals, as we know, believe in a variety of different values that?umm?you know?are fair and progressive, and umm?well, they aren?t anything that those GODDAMN JACKBOOTED CONSERVATIVES can come up with. But everybody at their effete cocktail parties agrees, so that?s what matters.

Dear Lord, that story is tiresome. It is leaves us no room for creativity in our democracy, no path towards more interesting solutions for the kinds of civic life we want to create in this tremendous experiment that is America.

The Creative Way

There is another way to engaging the nation to civic action, one based on real life solutions, not just on simple labels of complex people. We call it, VISION DEMOCRACY ? a way of looking at political challenges in America as a puzzle of sorts, something that calls for new and clever solutions.

At VISION DEMOCRACY, our goal is to change the political debate in favor of interesting, (dare we say it?) reality-based ideas, and away from the caterwalling that passes for dialogue these days.

Yes, we are highly cranky about the way Bush Republicans are running the country. But we are not going to focus on bashing them every step of the way. There are already blogs for high-pitched criticism, and most are funnier and more scathing than we could come up with.

The problem is not more opposition, but more alternative. Liberalism, or progressive thought, is nearly moribund. Out of gas, out of new ideas. Even if liberals took back the government, I don?t think we could guess what kind of government it would be. Would it be more fair? I?m sure there would be no John Ashcroft, but what would we get? What is the value that we propose to American history?

There appears to be no defining strategy. That has to change. And here, we at VisionDemocracy draw our line in the sand.

The State of the Future

We are at a critical time in America, and it is a major reason why there is so much strife between political ideologies. VisionDemocracy is run by political futurists who examine trends in society and technology to help leaders make strategy.

In our view, the next 50 years will be critical, because so much is changing so fast. The assumptions of yesterday are being set aside due to the interactions of powerful forces: globalization, information technology, biotechnology, massive poverty, aging populations, nascent democracies are the world, and more.

The result is an exhilarating but frightening maelstrom of outsourced jobs, genetically-modified food, cloning, global terrorist networks, information served up at lightning speed, and a world that is remaking itself every minute.

There is no place we would rather be, but it?s a daunting proposition for a great nation. The wisdom of our forebears may not take us into the next century, because so much is changing. That?s a lot to ask of a people.

Republicans are already articulating their vision

The result is fear all around us. Americans are looking for leaders that can articulate a vision for this uncertain future. Republicans articulate this vision very well. For the GOP, it comes down to one proposition: ?YOU DON?T HAVE TO CHANGE YOUR VALUES.? If America?s got a threat, we use the ass-kicking military, not something more subtle. If the Middle Class is disappearing, you can always work harder. If science frightens you, then we?ll deny evolution in our schools. YOU CAN HAVE YOUR OLD LIFE BACK.

Republicans won because they are promising the people yesterday.

Progressives ? or whatever we will call the next opposition -- will win because we will present a cogent vision for tomorrow. To quote Daniel Quinn, author of Ishmael, the future will not be created by old minds and new programs, but new minds and no programs.

It will take more than a blog post or Op-Ed piece to accomplish this. But then, that?s the point of this organization. We?d be honored if you would join us.