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9.11 investigation

FTAA and 9-11

What 9-11 was about
9-11 was never about muslims and it was never about terrorism. It was a Reichstag Fire to justify the changes in law that would be needed to track down, arrest and disappear American Patriots who object to the subversion of the Constitution when they try to implement the Free Trade of the Americas Act - FTAA - Treason by Trade.

To make the FTAA workable, there must be a governing body superior to the U.S. government, and there must be a 'contract' superior to the Constitution.

The FTAA will be the end of the United States as a sovereign nation. It is Treason By Trade.


Goodbye to Independence?
William F. Jasper The New American, February 7, 2005

Besides driving whole industries and millions of jobs offshore, U.S. trade agreements are threatening our national independence and freedom.

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novus 18.Mar.2005 09:23



What 18.Mar.2005 10:56

Emmanuel Goldman

What does "novus ordo seclorum" mean? I thought it might mean New World Order, so I went to a Latin translation site. Sure enough Novus means new (I knew that) and ordo means order, but I couldn't find anything under seclorum that seems to fit.

Definition 18.Mar.2005 11:28


Here is a definition on Wikipedia