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9.11 investigation

Al Qaeda’s ‘Red Barons’ and the 9/11 ‘melt down’ ...

A dutch 9/11 skeptic speaks out in a venezuelan news portal:

"...How stupid do 'they' think we people are?

When I afterwards saw the excellent reports on the "9.11 - Venice Flying
Circus" -- by the eminent MadCowProduction.com I understood that with those
strange 'muslims' and fishy Dutch 'Red Herrings' the whole scheme stank, and
still stinks of a very bad rogue party involved...."
Al Qaeda's 'Red Barons' and the 9/11 'melt down' ... not afraid of flying?
Thursday, March 17, 2005
By Henk Ruyssenaars

Foreign Press Foundation (FPF) editor Henk Ruyssenaars writes: Ever since I
saw the airplanes crash into the World Trade Center Towers on 9/11, I've
thought about which kind of virtuosi air acrobats those pilots must have

And wondered which kind of fuel they used to create this 'melt down' of even
the steel constructions.

And I kept wondering because I do have a little bit experience with flying.
In my work as a journalist I've 'been flown' all my life on commercial
airlines, but also by pilots in choppers and bombers.

So I have some experience with planes, and the first time I was allowed to
fly a small plane by myself was with some 'flying friends' who had a Piper
Cherokee. Being a training plane with double controls the 'maiden flight'
went very smooth all the way up to Stockholm, 800 Kms from the south of
Sweden. It was 1971.

We had spoken to Anna and Jiri Porizkova ... political refugees from
communist Czechoslovakia ... who had found a refuge and work at the
University of Lund in the south of Sweden. We were asked to 'hijack' their
baby daughter Paulina, who they had been forced to leave behind with a
grandmother, when fleeing Czechoslovakia. The Porizkova's plan was to make
it happen during the 'Air Fair' in Brno that year, with the parents
'preparing' the grandmother in secret.

It would be 'normal' for two Swedish pilots/'businessmen' to visit the Brno
'Air Fair,' where the grandmother was supposed to visit and deliver the baby
at the plane. By soon taking of and flying under the radar, they'd make it
with baby Paulina back 'home' to the waiting parents in Sweden, it was

They had asked me as journalist/correspondent if it was possible to finance
the whole 'operation' by selling the story to some big media in Sweden or
abroad ... which was no problem. In short: the grandmother in Brno 'knew
nothing,' got angry in fear and didn't cooperate. The Swedish pilots came
home empty handed: Mission aborted.

But, while I went to work and live for some years in Latin America as a
correspondent, based in Chile during the hopeful President Salvador Allende
period, the Porizkovas and pilots apparently had a second try and ended up
for two years in a Czech jail. Which was no fun. After much international
pressure Paulina came home first in 1974 ... and turned into a world famous

Later on, while based in North Africa, I was often able to fly a rather
shaky ULM, a home-made ultra light plane which we had at the equally
primitive Mornag airstrip, not far from Tunis. The piloting abruptly stopped
when my very spinky Tunisian friend and owner of the small plane, took along
a very heavy girlfriend. The plane went into a spin and crashed from around
100 meters altitude, killing both of them instantly.

I did never really learn to fly, but do know a lot about difficulties and
crashes in aviation via my work, and as such I cannot accept the official
version of the 9/11 crashes. And the fake of the so called 'Pentagon crash'
is an insult too.

The Red Barons of al Qaida

But like Xaviera Hollander, I've never had any fear of flying itself. But
I've always been told -- and have thought -- that this way of piloting such
a big plane was close to impossible. And using a video on "How to learn to
fly a Boeing 747" as some kind of evidence is an affront to any form of
human intelligence.

How stupid do 'they' think we people are?

When I afterwards saw the excellent reports on the "9.11 - Venice Flying
Circus" -- by the eminent MadCowProduction.com I understood that with those
strange 'muslims' and fishy Dutch 'Red Herrings' the whole scheme stank, and
still stinks of a very bad rogue party involved.

As fake as 'Dutch Gold'

It send a shudder through the Dutch/American/Israeli intelligence community
when it was given a little publicity, but the story was 'killed' immediately
by drowning it in the Dutch mainstream. We all are supposed to believe that
two penniless Dutchmen ... of which one had trouble with the Dutch police
... arrived apart from each other in the US. And, again separately and
without any money, bought a flight school each, apparently with full
cooperation by the US immigration and other legally controlling authorities?

Then -- so the official story goes -- the Dutchies as the new managers of
these strange flight schools started training some weird muslim Arabs, which
according to local witnesses and waitresses celebrated their careers in
night clubs, with Scotch on the Rocks and pork chops? And those queer
characters are than presented to us by the main stream media as the 'Red
Barons' of the terror organization Al Qaeda? What an insult!

The fishy stench had -- long before it got to the States -- thanks to real
information available on Internet reached global proportions and is still
carried further upward by the flames of the WTC fire. Of which the 'TU', the
Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands, like American and other
steel experts, also confirms that it takes a temperature of up to 2.800
degrees to melt construction grade steel.

Yet the highest temperature the Boeings jet fuel (JP-4 or JP-8) can reach,
is 1,517 degrees.' (Thanks to Ray Bradbury we know that paper burns at
Fahrenheit 451º). So why this unique 'melt down' of such huge steel

Quote: "Even more interesting is the WTC South Tower. Even though it
experienced a less forceful hit than the North Tower and had smaller fires,
it fell in only half the time of its counterpart (56 minutes)."

It takes five times that long to cook a turkey!

Keeping in mind that conspiracies only are 'conspiracies' as long as the
facts have not been published and made known yet, one wonders. For instance
about the fact that after all those years still nobody has seen any 'normal'
wreckage parts of the Boeing 747 airplane either, which is supposed to have
struck the Pentagon. To some it remains an enigma.

Because: if it is not true what the US government keeps saying about this
huge Boeing ramming the Pentagon, than what is true of the rest of their
stories? Who is responsible for the 'air acrobats' and who is responsible
for the 'melt down'?

In an excellent article in 'SpinWatch' -- David Miller writes about the fact
that we certainly are forced to live in "The age of the fake": "We live in
an era where the gap between how the world is and how powerful interests try
to portray it has grown dramatically wider."

"Virtually nothing in public debate these days is free of the virus of
fakery. Remember the Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq? Said by all and
sundry in the US and UK governments to exist, their message was amplified in
the mainstream media. Iraq has provided the most vivid illustration of the
age of the fake. But it is only the best known. All over the world the
manipulation of imagery and reporting occurs."

Isn't it appalling that in so many other countries like mine, those
hypocritical political "Führers" -- with all the 'secret' information from
their intelligence services at hand -- don't speak up? Are most media people
braindead inside their 'Janus' heads? Are they afraid to be honest?

Why are all those people lying to us?

They should be taught 'Fear of Lying'...

And again: Who Profits?

To the Dutchman, answer to "How stupid do they think we are?" very simple... 18.Mar.2005 08:28


Please remember that (1) the people being fooled are not the Dutch or any country whose brains have not been polluted by decades of media poisoning - they are only Americans, the easiest people in the world to fool because they WANT to be fooled (it decreases their personal responsibility for what their government has done to the planet); and (2) these people are Daily Mirror's 59+ million dumb Americans (number actually about 4 times higher) so they really are stupid enough to swallow their Laurel 'n Hardy justifications.