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Mass Paranoia Permeates D.C.

The State of Paranoia
William Arkin, a former military intelligence
analyst has released an obscure White House
directive, titled "JCS Conplan 0300-97."

This directive authorizes Washington to use
top-secret "anti-terrorist" military units,
to conduct "extra-legal missions" throughout
the nation.

This would be no surprise, as Washington is
gripped in its perpetual state of paranoia --
claiming threats of further "terrorist attacks" --
the war in Iraq and Afghanistan -- pointing fingers
at Iran, Syria, North Korea, Venezuela, etc.

After surviving a lengthy bureaucratic battle,
Donald Rumsfeld has just recently created a new
Pentagon department, a spy vs spy & black ops
organization, which he calls the "Strategic
Support Branch."

This new department will essentially replace
the C.I.A., relegating the agency to the status
of "go-fer."

Rumsfleld's new baby, lavishly nourished by the
never-empty vaults of money, comes complete
with commando units, spies, mercenary units,
intelligence gathering units, and a hotline to
George II.

U.S. governments have been involved with the spy
business and intelligence gathering for fifty years,
all around the world. Various government agencies,
along with the "black ops" units of the U.S. Army's
G2 Intelligence, have conducted missions through-
out the U.S., as well as conducting missions of
sabotage and assassinations around the world.

The Pentagon consumes three-quarters of the total
U.S. intelligence budget.
Donald Rumsfeld's new "Protectorate Bureau" will
be largely excluded from Congressional oversight
and/or media scrutiny.

The departments elite special ops teams will be
given carte blanche to conduct "deep black"
missions around the world. There will be no
records kept, and no questions will be asked.

Donald Rumsfeld's "Strategic Support Branch" will
be under the command of Lt. General William Boykin.
This is the man who refers to the United States Army
as "the house of God", the man who refers to the
Iraqi guerrillas as "agents of Satan", the man who has
told Muslims that the christian god is bigger than the
muslim god, that the muslim god is an idol.

Lt. Gen. Boykin will send out his squads of christian
crusaders to cleanse the world of "satanic muslims",
along with all other "miscreants and misfits."

George W. Bush, under the divine guidance of God,
following the holy mandate of God, will make his
latest vision a reality. Obeying the will of God, George
II has decided that it is time to release his hordes of
special/black ops groups, mercenaries, bounty hunters,
and teenage mutant rednecks --- whose motto is "Kill
'em all! Let God sort 'em out."

These acts of aggression, like all other acts of U.S.
aggression around the world, will end in the only
way possible.

The collapse and defeat of Emperor George II's
Amerikan Empire.