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Senate voting records?

I am hoping someone can help me find voting records online.
Awhile back I had a web page that showed how the Senators voted on various bills. I have lost it, and cannot Google another. Does anyone have a good site for tracking voting records? I especially want to know who voted to drill in ANWR. Thank you very much.

Thank you! 16.Mar.2005 20:53


I appreciate your taking time to answer my question. Thank you so much. I just love Indymedia!!!

What up with HI 16.Mar.2005 22:16


The fine Senators from Hawaii ought to be removed from the (D) ranks. Bastards.

There's the ANWR bill and then there's the related amendment 17.Mar.2005 01:06

Progressive Democrat

The URL given above


is actually the URL for the roll call on an amendment (No. 168) related to the ANWR bill.

The roll call on the ANWR bill itself (S. 261) is not yet posted at the official web site. It will be there, I'm guessing, tomorrow. You go to senate.gov, click on "legislation" and then when you get to that page, you click on "votes". Yesterday, March 16, I went to find the roll call and what I found was that there were about half a dozen votes, including the amendment related to the ANWR bill, but the ANWR vote still wasn't posted. About midnight, I tried again -- and found the same situation.

Senator Cantwell (D-WA) introduced the amendment (to the appropriations act) and, if passed, it would have deleted a section related to ANWR from the appropriations act. Or something like that. There's stuff going on all the time with senators introducing amendments for whatever reason, maybe to prove a point, as when Senator Kennedy proposed an amendment to the bankruptcy bill that would have raised the minimum wage. That was the best way to get the issue into the media and to the attention of the public. Democrats do this kind of thing all the time to try to slow down the Republican juggernaut or force the Republicans to take hits to their public image for the shit they are doing.

People have to understand that it's really hard to do anything about the corporate agenda being rammed down our throat (or up our yin-yang) even when the Democrats control the congress. But that hasn't been the case since the first two years of the Clinton administration. Right now, the Republicans control the entire federal government, including both houses of congress.

Assuming that the vote on the amendment to the appropriations act mirrors the vote on ANWR or, for some reason that I don't understand, actually WAS the vote on ANWR -- it looks like what NPR must have been saying was that all three Democratic senators from Washington and Oregon voted against opening up the ANWR. Smith is shown as voting on the other side with the Republican majority, as usual.

I don't know what's up with the Hawaii senators -- both Democrats. Probably campaign finance. Maybe trade-offs involving issues like maritime that's really important to Hawaii, ILWU and maritime unions. There's always behind-the-scenes stuff going on, like, "you want me to vote on this, and I want you to vote on that, so . . . " Especially when money and jobs are involved. As Senator Byrd has said, "One man's boondoggle is another man's job."

I'll check senate,gov again and update this, if there's any difference between the vote on the Cantwell amendment and the vote on the ANWR (S. 261).

LOOK AT comment "NEWS" under "There Goes ANWR" 17.Mar.2005 01:22

Progressive Democrat

Ah-ha! The complicated legislative stuff has all been explained!

CHECK OUT the comment "NEWS" ( the 17th comment way down at the bottom). It's a repost from the Eugene Register-Guard and it really explains the whole situation.

The vote on the Cantwell Amendment WAS the vote on ANWR. The Republicans tucked it into the appropriations act so as to prevent a filibuster. The Cantwell Amendment was to take the ANWR issue out of the appropriations act so that it could be debated. When the Cantwell amendment was voted down, that was considered as expressing the intent of the Senate to open up the ANWR.

The ANWR bill to designate the ANWR as a wilderness area will have to be debated later -- apparently not anytime soon.

So there it is -- Smith voted against the Cantwell amendment, meaning he voted to open up the ANWR.

Thank you, Eugene Register-Guard. (I do know about the Register-Guard that, although not a progressive thing, it is still locally owned by a Eugene family -- not owned by Murdock or any of the other corporate conglomerates.)

Three 17.Mar.2005 10:28

Den Mark, Vancouver

Hawai'i's Akaka & Inouye voted with republicans. Also, Landrieu of Louisiana did. All other democrats voted for the environment. Several republicans crossed over, too. That was a cool surprise.

To Clarify... 17.Mar.2005 11:37

Scotty B.

"Progressive Democrat" - Gordon Smith voted Yea on the Cantwell amendment, along with Wyden, meaning he voted against opening up drilling in ANWR. He was one of the half-dozen or so Republicans that voted against it.

Scotty B. is CORRECT 17.Mar.2005 13:44

Progressive Democrat

WOW! Even Gordon Smith voted to save the ANWR!

That HAS to mean that grass-roots is working. It AIN'T OVER TIL IT'S OVER AND IT AIN'T OVER.

Scotty B. -- name your favorite charity!

Hmmm.... 17.Mar.2005 16:14

Scotty B.

Well, I actually know of a lot of groups that are out there that probably need money, but since this is over the ANWR bill I should probably pick an environmental one. One group that's been doing a lot of work lately where I live has been the Western Watersheds Project ( http://www.westernwatersheds.org/). They're one of the very, very few environmental organizations that has consistantly opposed the Owyhee Initative in Idaho, which is basically a sell-out of our public lands in Idaho to ranching interests that was negociated with groups like the Sierra Club at the table. So if you actually want to donate to someone, that's who I'd pick :).