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Biscuit Update- Written from the Josephine County Jail

The people's movement to halt the largest logging project in modern history continues to build momentum after a dramatic week of actions and arrests. The Green Bridge over the Wild and Scenic Illinois River is the site of a growing campaign of nonviolent civil disobedience opposing Bush Administration attempts to roll back decades of hard fought environmental protections. The story is receiving major national and even international press- with ongoing coverage in print, television and radio networks.
Women's Action against Old Growth Logging
Women's Action against Old Growth Logging
This Monday's compelling all-women's action was the fourth major demonstration against the Biscuit Fire Recovery Project since logging began within the Fiddler old growth reserve timber sale last week. Twenty-two women were arrested, including Stacy Williams, an expectant mother in her ninth month of pregnancy, supported by her midwife and birthing team. Surrounding her on the Green Bridge over the Illinois River were Harriet Smith, 85, Dot Fisher Smith, 76 and Joan Norman, 72, who went to jail for the forests for the second time this week.

Hanging off the bridge beneath them was Becky White, suspended on a small platform by a rope that crossed the bridge and blocked the convoy of Silver Creek Timber logging trucks from passing for more than seven hours. In addition to the eighteen women on the bridge, another three were arrested in a separate blockade a few miles up the road. A tree-sit occupation remains suspended seventy feet in the canopy of a burned, but living Douglas Fir in logging unit 5 on the border of the Kalmiopsis Wilderness.

The Forest Service issued a full closure on the access road to the Fiddler Timber Sale Monday afternoon. The encampment at the Green Bridge is no more. Long live the Green Bridge! A new base camp is being set up a couple miles upstream from the bridge, just below the closure line, on BLM land off Eight Dollar Road. Our morale is high and the momentum of this campaign is strong. We continue to need fresh minds and bodies to infuse this campaign with new ideas and energy. Join us in the beautiful Siskiyou Mountains!

Federal Judge Michael Hogan finally ruled against the Temporary Restraining Order attorney Lauren Regan filed in his court- and an emergency appeal is immediately being submitted to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco. The merits of the case are very strong and it challenges the very purpose of need of post fire logging. It has the potential to shut down logging not just in the old growth reserves but in the unprotected 'matrix' sales as well. Go Lauren go!

See www.o2collective.org, www.kswild.org, www.Siskiyou.org and www.rogueimc.org for more info and updates!
Wow. 16.Mar.2005 20:43

regular reader

i just watched this video, and it's amazing. First of all, this action happened Monday morning, and this is a well-edited video that got put together so fast. Secondly, the story is incredibly inspiring. All these women, together, with their own special brand of communal magic, standing (and in one case, hanging off the bridge on a platform) to stop the destruction of an old growth ecosystem. In the video, you get to see their faces and hear their words one after another in a moving collage about what's important to them and why they've chosen direct action. They are of many ages and backgrounds and one was nine months pregnant due to deliver four days later.

It's really says something about the Battle of the Biscuit that the resistance is made up of this beautiful diversity. No one can say that it's "just a bunch of radical kids" (not that there's anything wrong with that, thank you very much!) and as this news and these images get around, more people will inevitably be inspired to help however they can.

It's really just a very small number of people who actually want to log such areas, and they are rich and greedy (and mostly men, i'm afraid, which adds another level of meaning to Monday's action). Blessings to these wonderful women and their men supporters, like the ones who made this video! With efforts like this, we've got a great chance of winning!

to be shown on a big screen in PDX soon (hopefully!) 16.Mar.2005 20:47

pdx indymedia videoista #6082

Videoistas here in Portland are in contact with the video folks in Southern Oregon, and we'll be working to get a copy of this up here to show at the next Videos From The Resistance, on Monday, March. 28, at It's a Beautiful Pizza (at 7pm, FREE). We've already got a great one from last week's action, in which one of the women who was arrested in this video was arrested previously -- Joan Norman, an incredible person! Read the pdx indy interview with her, here:


listening 16.Mar.2005 21:48


sounds like the jig is up...big O reports federal judge refuses to halt logging in the biscuit. Are there further actions planned?

see above 16.Mar.2005 22:31


"sounds like the jig is up...big O reports federal judge refuses to halt logging in the biscuit. Are there further actions planned?"

see above -- the ruling is being appealed, there's a 2nd lawsuit being heard March 22, and people are still organizing constantly!

Jig absolutely not up 17.Mar.2005 07:13

Eduardo Plata

What has changed about the legality of the logging? Not a damned thing. It was illegal before. It's illegal now. Only now, its legal with the imprimatur of a Judge.

People are still moving toward the Biscuit. Support is still flowing in. Moving away from the Green Bridge is only moving toward the next stand.

You give up too easily, which is precisely what they're counting on.

appreciate the clarification 17.Mar.2005 15:08


Haven't given up....just didn't log on to the listed websites to read the info there...but the first one says what I feared, which is that logging may proceed up through and beyond the 22nd unless the judge rules that logging is illegal. Can activists really raise obstacles sufficient to stall logging presently allowed to proceed? I guess that's what it's all about.

wanna use it? 17.Mar.2005 15:30


feature pic from video

The URL of the movie - to spread the word around 17.Mar.2005 15:40

Nutmeg Alfredo


Great job, folks! Here's to saving old growth. We can do it!

Arrests needed at Biscuit 21.Mar.2005 08:52


Unfortunately, the only thing that can stop this is a massive amount of arrests, resulting from civil disobedience. That is the only thing that keeps this in the news and in the awareness of the sleeping masses.

This government is proving over-and-over that it does not get it's authority from the "consent of the governed". This poses the question: Just where the hell does it the get the power that it is now wielding in destroying what remains of our ancient forests while crushing the will of the people under their jack-boots?

I am amazed that the people are so peaceful in their resistance to a government that has obviously declared violent war on the people. Amazing.