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On Consitutionality (Abbie Hoffman, Ken Keasey, Once More From The top)

Poetry Fix
On Constitutionality (Abbie Hoffman, Ken Kesey, Once More From The top)

When rule-of-law is bounced aside
recklessly abandoned by sovereign Supremacy,
when unpredictability Reigns,
in place of Expectable Norms.
When one can no longer predict the destination,

be it County Courthouse
or foreign Lost Trails
of forgotten filings;
Corpus Absentia.

When no authority can be
No Authority is Real.

When it all comes from the top;
No badge is unchangeable,
No bars always hold,
No Condition of Constitution exists,
When One can be unsure of.

Ethan allen place,

for Hunter S. Thompson,
the first stanza