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Biscuit Update - Written from the Josephine County Jail

The people's movement to halt the largest logging project in modern history continues to build momentum after a dramatic week of actions and arrests. The Green Bridge over the Wild and Scenic Illinois River is the site of a growing campaign of nonviolent civil disobedience opposing Bush administration attempts to roll back decades of hard fought environmental protections. The story is receiving major national and even international press - with ongoing coverage in print, television and radio networks.

This Monday's compelling all-women's action was the fourth major demonstration against the Biscuit Fire Recovery Project since logging began within the Fiddler old growth reserve timber sale last week. Twenty-two women were arrested, including Stacy Williams, an expectant mother in her ninth month of pregnancy, supported by her midwife and birthing team. Surrounding her on the Green Bridge over the Illinois River were Harriet Smith, 85, Dot Fisher Smith, 76 and Joan Norman, 72, who went to jail for the forests for the second time this week.
Hanging off the bridge beneath them was Becky White, suspended on a small platform by a rope that crossed the bridge and blocked the convoy of Silver Creek Timber logging trucks from passing for more than seven hours. In addition to the eighteen women on the bridge, another three were arrested in a separate blockade a few miles up the road. A tree-sit occupation remains suspended seventy feet in the canopy of a burned, but living Douglas Fir in logging unit 5 on the border of the Kalmiopsis Wilderness.

The Forest Service issued a full closure on the access road to the Fiddler Timber Sale Monday afternoon. The encampment at the Green Bridge is no more. A new base camp is being set up a couple miles upstream from the bridge, just below the closure line, on BLM land off Eight Dollar Road. Our morale is high and the momentum of this campaign is strong. We continue to need fresh minds and bodies to infuse this campaign with new ideas and energy. Join us in the beautiful Siskiyou Mountains!

Federal Judge Michael Hogan finally ruled against the Temporary Restraining Order filed in his court. An emergency appeal is immediately being submitted to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco. The merits of the case are very strong and it challenges the very purpose and need of post fire logging. It has the potential to shut down logging not just in the old growth reserves but in the unprotected 'matrix' sales as well.

See www.o2collective.org, www.kswild.org, www.siskiyou.org and www.rogueimc.org for more info and updates!

homepage: homepage: http://www.o2collective.org

Endless advances of capitalist fucks 16.Mar.2005 13:16


Keep up the morale and awesome activities! Soon they'll realize that this isnt just some sale to everyone else, this isnt money or any other form of bullshit which they themselves pursue endlessly. This is OUR HOME, our diminishing bit of wilderness. They cannot and WILL not take this from the people without a fight. We will rise to meet their every move. Soon, more people and resources will flock to the west in order to stand strong with all of you. In the meantime, keep up the awesome fight. On a day like today, the death of Rachel Corrie, it is easy to look around and see all the vigilant comrads who work endlessly to fight these evil fucking bastards. They are the thorn in the side of all that is good. The evil, sick fucks who see trees and profit, wilderness as potential building sites, and other lives as mere obstacles in the way of all their glorious profit and power. This world is full of endless battles, but more optimisticly, it is full of strong people willing to fight them. We will always fight, because we will always be fought. If they seek to destroy, we will seek to rebuild. If they chase us will bulldozers and chainsaws, we will rise to meet them. We abide by the rules of virtu in preservation of all that is good. So, thank you, to all you awesome people who contribute anything and everything to these causes. Your work is appreciated from every end of the earth. In solidarity....