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Oregon Senate to consider the first official legislative recognition of César Chávez

What: A Senate Rules Committee hearing and Senate floor debate on Senate Resolution 1.

Where: Oregon State Capitol, Salem, Oregon

When: Public hearing and work session Tuesday, March 22, 2005, 8:30 a.m., Room 343.

Third reading on the Senate floor Thursday, March 31, 11 a.m.
What is SR1? SR1 is a non-binding resolution that recognizes the life and accomplishments of César Chávez, encourages all Oregonians to undertake a day of voluntary service in his honor, and encourages all Oregon counties, municipalities, and school districts to join in recognizing César Chávez.


Voz Hispana Causa Chavista is a Woodburn-based organization that works to promote recognition for Latino heroes and culture and organizes Latino voters to increase civic participation. The passage of Senate Resolution 1 is a historic moment that builds on a César Chávez Day in the Woodburn School District, and the naming of a César Chávez elementary school in Eugene.

Special activities on the Senate floor on César Chávez Day, March 31, include a benediction from Father Jose Luis of St. Joseph's, music by the Rondalla Infantil Alma Latina (Latin Soul Youth Guitar Ensemble), and Senate debate.

For more information contact: Bartolo Marquez, 503-982-0243 ext. 204

Chavez is our only hope 16.Mar.2005 11:45


ALmost everything that Hugo Chavez says is just what he should say.

We have faith that much of what he doesn't say would be just right if he said it.

Chavez says that he "has no doubts" that socialism is the only model that will allow societies to overcome poverty. "Within the capitalist model it is impossible to overcome the drama of poverty, of misery, and of inequality." He adds that it is necessary to "invent the socialism of the 21st century," rather than applying the old model that had been tried before. "This is a debate that we've begun to have in Venezuela."

It is not just the Third World debt that prevents their development, but also their lack of unified action. Also, it is not just neo-liberal capitalism that contributes to poverty, but the elite's concept of sustainable development does not help either. Chavez proposes "endogenous development" and the creation of an International Humanitarian Fund, 50% of which would come from Third World countries' foreign debt payments, which are estimated to be at $270 billion per year.

Chavez calls for debtor countries to develop a unified strategy for dealing with debt. As part of this need Venezuela is promoting the creation of a Social Charter for the Organization of American States, which would complement the existing Democratic Charter.  link to www.venezuelasolidarity.org

He has also said that the US is a terrorst nation bnent on assassinating him...

The bulk of education administration in Venezuela remains in the hands of Chavez's opponents,
a gift from france - a lie to the world
a gift from france - a lie to the world

This is wonderful! It brings back such fond memories... 16.Mar.2005 12:32

T Solano

I remember being up on my father's shoulders shouting "Viva la Raza!" back in the 70's at the Oregon State Capitol at a United Farm Workers rally. I was there with my grandparents, aunts and uncles at my side, and had a cute little La Raza symbol on my cheek. I was only about five or six, but it was cool to be part of this event. I am very happy to hear that Senor Cesar Chavez will be receiving recognition for his civil rights contributions for farmworkers and Latinos. "Viva la Raza!"