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Details on March 19 Rally/March from PPRC

got this in my in-box this morning
Dear Friends of Portland Peaceful Response,

This weekend marks the second anniversary of Bush's criminal war and occupation of Iraq. Across the world, the call has gone out for a global mobilization to protest these crimes. Please join us this Saturday for a teach-in and peace march. The details of these events are included in the two press releases appended below.

Please consider volunteering for these events! We are still looking for folks who've volunteered at past rallies and marches to help make these events successful and effective. This teach-in is an opportunity to take part in discussions of the choices we now face in our work to end the occupation and the ongoing war planning by the Bush administration. The peace march is another way to express out dissent against these criminal policies. But this weekend's mobilization can only be a part of this important work. If you would like to become more involved in local efforts to build the strength of the peace and justice movement here in Portland, please call to volunteer and help us plan the work ahead. Call us at (503) 344-5078.

See you on March 19th!

PPRC General Meeting
(503) 344-5078

Peace and Justice Works
Iraq Affinity Group
PO Box 42456
Portland, OR97242
(503) 236-3065 (Office)

News Item/Calendar Listing
For Immediate Release
March 15, 2005

Panelists/Discussions will focus on US Foreign Policy and Local Peace Activism
DATE: Saturday, March 19, 2005
TIME: 10 AM (Teach-in), 2 PM (March)
LOCATION: PSU Campus Ministry/Koinonia House, 633 SW Montgomery

Portland area peace and social justice groups presenting a "teach-in" and a march to mark two years since the U.S. invasion of Iraq on Saturday, March 19, 2005 today released details of Saturday's events. The teach-in will begin at 10 AM at PSU Campus Ministry/Koinonia House, 633 SW Montgomery. The march will begin at 2 PM at the Urban Center Plaza, 1800 SW 6th, just a half block away. The title of the event is "Saying No to War and Occupation: Teach-in and Peace March, Two Years Later."

Topics of discussion will include US foreign policy, particularly in the "Middle East." Speakers at the 10 AM morning session will include: .Johanna Brenner of the Women's Studies Department at PSU on Iraq, .Goudarz Eghdetari, host of KBOO's "Voice of the Middle East" on Iran, .Amin Wahab, who moved to Portland from Afghanistan in 1980, on US Policy in Afghanistan, .Mazen Malik, of Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights, on Israel/Palestine, .Adele Kubein, mother of a guardsmember, of Military Families Speak Out, on families' perspective on US policy, .Grant Remington, Vietnam veteran, of Veterans for Peace Chapter 72, on a veteran's perspective.

In the afternoon, a 12:15 PM panel on activism will go into breakout sessions after brief introductions: .Marvin Simmons of Northwest Veterans for Peace on the campaign to bring Oregon's troops home, .John Greschow of War Resisters League-Portland on opposition to the draft and "stop-loss" programs, .Lila Zucker, student at Lincoln High, joined by a high school teacher, on organizing in schools, .Andrea Cano of the National Justice and Peace Action Network, United Church of Christ on media activism, and .Alice Dale of SEIU 49 on labor against the war.

Volunteers will provide vegetarian, Middle Eastern cuisine for an 11:30 AM meal.

Following the teach-in, the march will leave PSU at about 2 PM and return close to 3:00 where information and literature will still be available. The march will head north up 6th avenue, east on Columbia, north on 4th avenue, west on Washington, and south on Broadway.

Note: The Great Hall in the Campus Ministry building is not wheelchair accessible, so please call ahead if you have any concerns.

The event is being cosponsored by Peace and Justice Works Iraq Affinity Group, Portland Peaceful Response Coalition, PSU Students United for Nonviolence, Portland Campus Christian Ministry and a number of other organizations. It is endorsed by Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), War Resisters League-Portland, Jews for Global Justice, the Peace and Social Concerns of the Multnomah Monthly Meeting of Friends (Quakers), Vancouver for Peace, Portland Jobs with Justice, and others. The teach-in is funded in part by the Jan Bone Memorial Fund for Public Forums. For more information or to get involved contact Peace and Justice Works at 503-236-3065.


For Immediate Release
Portland Peaceful Response Coalition

Event: Local Peace and Justice Organizations Mark Second Anniversary of Bush's War and Occupation with Teach-in and Peace March.
Date: Saturday, March 19th, 2005
Time: 10:00 am Teach-in; 2:00 pm Peace March
Place: Koinonia House, Campus Ministries, Portland State University Campus, 633 SW Montgomery, downtown Portland. (Peace march begins at Urban Center Plaza, 1800 SW 6th.)

(503) 344-5078

Local Peace and Justice Organizations, Labor Rights Advocates Mark Second Anniversary of Bush's War and Occupation with Teach-in and Peace March.

"For the past several weeks the Bush spin-doctors have been campaigning to convince the world that there's been an outbreak of democracy in the Middle East, and that we have Bush's bloody war and occupation to thank," said William Seaman, a volunteer with the Portland Peaceful Response Coalition, one of the co-sponsors for the teach-in and peace march. "Aside from the obvious questions of whether a democratic revolution is actually happening and whether the people of the region deserve the credit for democratic progress rather than Bush, and the more disturbing suggestion that what is needed for democratic reform is bloody war and occupation, our country faces the damning facts that Bush's war has killed over 100,000 Iraqi civilians,1 and over 1,500 US soldiers have died, with uncountable thousands of injured."

"As we approach the second anniversary of Bush's attack on Iraq, we're faced with another PR campaign, the latest pack of lies offered up by Bush & Co., to rationalize this criminal war," said Seaman. "The reality is that the election, such as it was, went ahead in Iraq in spite of Paul Bremer's opposition to a popular vote,2 the vote itself was marred by the continued insecurity - so much so that most candidates' names had to be kept secret from the voters - and the country remains a shambles in spite of billions of US tax-payers' dollars and billions of US dollars in Iraqi assets having been given away in no-bid contracts to Bush's corporate crony pals, or siphoned off by corrupt US war profiteers."3

Seaman said that the teach-in will provide a setting for discussion and debate of questions now facing Portland's peace and justice community, as well as providing a venue for promoting a recently-announced campaign calling on Governor Kulongoski to bring Oregon's National Guard troops home. "We will be hearing from veterans and military families, from trade unionists and students, from members of the Iranian and Palestinian communities, and from scholars and activists," explained Seaman. "Together we hope to both learn from each other and begin to map new directions and strategies for opposing Bush's wars and occupations."

The Teach-in, scheduled to begin at 10:00 am this coming Saturday, will focus on US foreign policy and local peace activism, with "break-out" discussions covering topics ranging from organizing in schools and labor unions, to draft counseling and anti-recruitment campaigns. Formal presentations will cover the US occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, US threats of aggression against Iran and Syria, military families' perspectives on the wars, and representatives from local veterans organizations.

The title of the event is "Saying No to War and Occupation: Teach-in and Peace March, Two Years Later." Cosponsors include Peace and Justice Works Iraq Affinity Group, Portland Peaceful Response Coalition, PSU Students United for Nonviolence, Portland Campus Christian Ministry, and others. Endorsers include Portland Jobs with Justice, War Resisters League-Portland, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Jews for Global Justice, and others.


1. "Mortality before and after the 2003 invasion of Iraq: cluster sample survey", Les Roberts, Riyadh Lafta, Richard Garfield, Jamal Khudhairi, Gilbert Burnham, The Lancet, Published online October 29, 2004  http://image.thelancet.com/extras/04art10342web.pdf, or search for "Iraq" at  http://www.thelancet.com/; "Revealed: War has cost 100,000 Iraqi lives", by Jeremy Laurance and Colin Brown, 29 October 2004, The Independent (UK), "Iraq allies accused of failing to investigate civilian deaths", Sarah Boseley, health editor, Friday March 11, 2005, The Guardian (UK).

2. "Iraq's critical Sistani factor - The Shiite cleric seeks an Islam-friendly Iraq, but not a theocracy", by Dan Murphy, staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor, January 20, 2005.

3. "Audit: U.S. lost track of $9 billion in Iraq funds - Pentagon, Bremer dispute inspector general's report", CNN.com, Monday, January 31, 2005 Posted: 0412 GMT (1212 HKT); "IRAQ: Bremer's CPA Lost Track of $9 billion in Oil Revenues Meant for Rebuilding", by James Ridgeway, The Village Voice, March 4th, 2005

- END -

This message was prepared by William Seaman for the PPRC General Meeting.

PPRC website:  http://www.pprc-news.org/
PPRC voicemail: 503-344-5078
I thought the march started at Pioneer Court House Square? 17.Mar.2005 17:12

Alyssa Adcock anakobe874@yahoo.com

I thought the march started at Pioneer Court House Square? Will someone please email  anakobe874@yahoo.com with information on this, I'd love to take as many people as I can to the event, I just need to know where to show up.

Why Nothing In Eugene? 18.Mar.2005 15:30

maybe b/c I'm not organizing it

Cottage Grove, Corvallis, Bend, Medford and not the emerald city? Is it time for a moment of silence for global justice agitating in this town? A town that is home to members of sds and weatherman and some of the most radical anarchists in the world doesn't do anything to honor the 2nd anniversary of the biggest act of empire/militarism/patriarchy/racism in my lifetime? And who am I to talk...just an email activist.

Thank you to all who are dedicating their time and resources to fighting this horrific war.

Build momentum 21.Mar.2005 08:03

Jean Cohen jec_cohen@hotmail.com

Let's build on the momentum and have another, even bigger march soon. March often and loudly and in their face so they HAVE to listen to us. Advertised all over the place.