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Continued Discussion: Fire Ball and Earthquake___3/12/05

I'm attempting to keep this issue up front in the open publishing.
The details of this event are very interesting to me. If you were a witness
to any part of the event and have not already commented, please do . . . . . .
the sunday oregonian of 3/12/05 reports big green fireball
and earthquake at same time near Olympia, WA.,
calls them unconnected, but sounds fishy to me.

witness' said looked like the fireball hit the earth.
report also said the frieball traveled south to north
AND east to west. does that sound like it turned.

anyways, i think the timing and circumstances are
odd and hope some more info comes fwd about it.
fireball March 12 16.Mar.2005 14:09


I saw the fireball the night of March 12 just south of Gold Beach Oregon--BIG green with white tail, appeared to be going from east to west out over the sea but went behind clouds. The most spectacular falling star I've ever seen.

fireball 17.Mar.2005 07:14


thanks reagan, that's cool...........