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WalMart rally April 2nd

Gather up
Hope you can join us at the...

Not Another Wal-Mart! Rally

Join us for one hour to demonstrate in opposition to a Wal-Mart superstore in Central Oregon. Two Wal-Marts are plenty!

2-3 p.m., Saturday, April 2
Riverfront Plaza
(In front of Mirror Pond Gallery next to Drake Park)

*Brief campaign updates
*Petitions to be signed and circulated
*Bumper stickers and literature
*Signs and placards
*Lots of volunteer opportunities

Our Community First!
86 SW Century Drive, PMB 268, Bend, OR 97702

I have also attached a word.doc of our petition. We plan to have several tables and petition spots active this Saturday. We have over 500 signatures without organizing a drive yet and our goal is at least 5,000. We need your help.

If you can petition Saturday or another time, contact Michael Schneider at o

Don't forget to check out our great website at www.notanotherwalmart.org


Michael Funke
Our Community First!
Fax 541-317-0639
done 16.Mar.2005 17:59

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It's time to pass state legislation banning locust corporations like walmart from the state.