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See video about the Bushes and the Nazis here

Journalist John Buchanan discusses how his research led him to uncover the deep and historical ties between the Bush family and the Nazi war machine.
Here is an excerpt from Alex Jones' latest film, 9/11 Martial Law: Rise of the Police State:

boycott the pushers of crap 16.Mar.2005 12:05

Homo Floresienses

It's not like there's any shortage of information detailing the connection between the Bush family and Nazis on the net.

Why listen to IMC spam-meister nut-jobs?

google: bush nazi prescott
34,000 hits

google: bush nazi prescott site:edu
341 hits

google: bush nazi brown brothers harriman
8,400 hits

google: bush nazi brown brothers harriman -rense
7,500 hits

bush nazi brown brothers harriman -rense -infowars -prisonplanet
7,200 hits

There's lots of information on this that doesn't come from questionable sites like these:

Just my opinion, don't have a tissy fit.

. 16.Mar.2005 13:20


You can tell someone to go read thousands of pages or you can watch this short FREE clip. call me lazy, but when you have the first journalist to pour over national archives(according to his account), sum up 100 years of the bushes in a ten minute segment for FREE, I'm not going to complain.

question 16.Mar.2005 13:37


Is that video for free?

totally free (the video, hardly the country...) 16.Mar.2005 14:19


Yes, excerpts Jones puts up are totally free. If it was part of a subscription, it goes into a little password box.

Circulate widely! at least it may get some higher caliber trolls around here when someone looks back over his record here and realizes how bad he was doing...

more: Sutton book and video for free on Wall Street Nazis & Bush family 16.Mar.2005 14:51


after watching it, simply because he seems to be unaware of it, two points, or for more information:

1. the bloodline issues of the Bushes I think are more critical than simply an economic storyline presented here. The Bushes are related to many ruling bloodlines on or off the throne in Europe. These elites are very bloodline oriented and it hardly seems likely that the Bushes have done this alone.

2. except for the fact of Bushes ongoing Nazi connections to 1951 (!!), everything he mentioned I was aware of from a book and other articles published as early as the mid 1970s. If you want to read the book, here it is for free:

Wall Street and Hitler


Antony C. Sutton



Unexplored Facets of Naziism

PART ONE: Wall Street Builds Nazi Industry
Chapter One

Wall Street Paves the Way for Hitler

1924: The Dawes Plan
1928: The Young Plan
B.I.S. — The Apex of Control
Building the German Cartels
Chapter Two

The Empire of I.G. Farben

The Economic Power of I.G. Farben
Polishing I.G. Farben's Image
The American I.G. Farben
Chapter Three

General Electric Funds Hitler

General Electric in Weimar, Germany
General Electric & the Financing of Hitler
Technical Cooperation with Krupp
A.E.G. Avoids the Bombs in World War II
Chapter Four

Standard Oil Duels World War II

Ethyl Lead for the Wehrmacht
Standard Oil and Synthetic Rubber
The Deutsche-Amerikanische Petroleum A.G.
Chapter Five

I.T.T. Works Both Sides of the War

Baron Kurt von Schröder and I.T.T.
Westrick, Texaco, and I.T.T.
I.T.T. in Wartime Germany

PART TWO: Wall Street and Funds for Hitler
Chapter Six

Henry Ford and the Nazis

Henry Ford: Hitler's First Foreign Banker
Henry Ford Receives a Nazi Medal
Ford Assists the German War Effort
Chapter Seven

Who Financed Adolf Hitler?

Some Early Hitler Backers
Fritz Thyssen and W.A. Harriman Company
Financing Hitler in the March 1933 Elections
The 1933 Political Contributions
Chapter Eight

Putzi: Friend of Hitler and Roosevelt

Putzi's Role in the Reichstag Fire
Roosevelt's New Deal and Hitler's New Order
Chapter Nine

Wall Street and the Nazi Inner Circle

The S.S. Circle of Friends
I.G. Farben and the Keppler Circle
Wall Street and the S.S. Circle
Chapter Ten

The Myth of "Sidney Warburg"

Who Was "Sidney Warburg"?
Synopsis of the Suppressed "Warburg" Book
James Paul Warbur's Affidavit
Some Conclusions from the "Warburg" Story
Chapter Eleven

Wall Street-Nazi Collaboration in World War II

American I.G. in World War II
Were American Industrialists and Financiers
Guilty of War Crimes?
Chapter Twelve


The Pervasive Influence of International Bankers
Is the United States Ruled by a Dictatorial Elite?
The New York Elite as a Subversive Force
The Slowly Emerging Revisionist Truth
Appendix A

Program of the National Socialist German
Workers Party
Appendix B

Affidavit of Hjalmar Schacht
Appendix C

Entries in the "National Trusteeship" Account
Appendix D

Letter from the U.S. War Department to
Ethyl Corporation
Appendix E

Extract from Morgenthau Diary (Germany)


There's nothing about the Bushes per se here, though it shows the financial American connections to creating Nazism. I'm very surprised it was without a mention even in this short excerpt. The video clip could have mentioned that the journalist Buchanan here ran as an independent Republican "9-11 truth" candidate for the 2004 election, done as part of an attempt to get the story of the "nazi candidate" Bush and his family. People, do you really want a CIA directors son as president?

ANOTHER IMPORTANT Bush/Nazi video here:

Documentary: Skull and Bones, at Yale the Anglo-Saxon Ruling Elite
by xx Thursday, May. 15, 2003 at 2:56 AM

The real history of Skull and Bones Society at yale university. Members include President Bush and Senator John Kerry and many others in power. Realmedia 56k.

RealVideo: stream with RealPlayer or download RM file (26.3 mebibytes)

This video was to air on Dutch TV (UNTIL BANNED) so a few parts are in Dutch, but most of it is in English.
This is the video the Elite hope you don't see.

Web page with a lot more info and newpaper scans about Skull and Bones.

links to view online or download, at this link:

What you mean, little password box? 16.Mar.2005 15:50



no password, no problem 16.Mar.2005 16:16


if you don't see it, it's free. ;-) Right click on the links to download.

Whats the password? 16.Mar.2005 17:27



Alex Jones Are Free 16.Mar.2005 20:08


Whats the password? I want to show my nayber. If I show I get a beer.

Thank you Alex 17.Mar.2005 02:07


i got the password on the WWW. and i got my beer.

Do the Jewish people know of Bushes'nazi connections? 26.Mar.2005 20:24

ask Lieberman?

Bush grabbed Lieberman and kissed him passionately after the inaugural speech. What the hell is going on?
How many Jews voted for Bush knowing of that family's nazi past?
Sharon is Bush's best friend is he not?
One starts to wonder about the Jewish ruling class (Rothchild bankers, did they finance Hitler too?) Did they sacrifice their own for a larger cause?
It's time to start asking serious questions. (I defended the Jews and the creation of a homeland for them all my life but what I am seeing now is upsetting and is making me reflect on about what Karl Marx said.)