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Here's some good news

Italy and Iraq
Italy is pulling it's troops out of Iraq. They seem to be fed up with the two faced lies and stonewalling on the Part of GWB and the U. S. military. It's probably just an effort on Berlesconi's part to save his own political neck, but at least its sends a message.
Yay! 14 Units Down, 24 To Go 15.Mar.2005 22:09

Mistletoe Angel

Yay, Now THIS is good news.

I'm telling you, within the past year, we got Poland planning to begin withdrawal in July, we got the Netherlands to complete withdrawal this month, we got Bulgaria already beginning a first phase of withdrawal, Ukraine beginning their withdrawal, and now, we got this news of Italy withdrawing this September.

Plus Portugal and Moldova just withdrew theirs last month.

This is wonderful news and great hope that the world will see together that they will not stand up for this senseless war.

Just 24 more units to go. Let's hope that the rest, which a majority of the people of all these nations with governments representing the coalition by a 2 to 1 margin opposing the war, turn to the interests of their citizens and do the right thing as well soon.

I'm optimistic this support of the war and coalition will continue to shrink, with anti-war sentiment growing in South Korea after the beheading of one of their contract workers as a hostage, and anti-war sentiment levels remain consistent and fierce in Britain and all across the world.

Noah Eaton

last resort for neocons 16.Mar.2005 06:02

eyes closed tight

"This is wonderful news and great hope that the world will see together that they will not stand up for this senseless war."

be careful here, I fear this is what the neocons want. Time and time again they have presented us with a new imagined "enemy"(the calling card of fascists). The time is now to spike their "plan b". Start planting seeds, they may try to use the corp. media to convince us that the world is out to get us and we have no choice but to fight the freedom haters. They will tell us the UN is a rogue outfit looking to destroy the US. Bolton is perfect for this task, he can infiltrate, cause division and stage a hollywood scene that will sweep the american sheeple into uber-nationalism and ultra-fear(we're pretty much almost there). Just like bush had to play dumb on Iran in Europe, bush won't answer questions in America unless they come from republican stooges, we have to force the questions into the international press to put them on the spot. Since the neo-cons can't control dissent as much in other countries like they do here, this may buy us some time to the next senate election.(that is, if our votes actually count anymore)