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imperialism & war m19

War Cost's Who Pay's ?

May-be, theres some interest in this ?

March 19 - Saturday: Rally & March
12 Noon at Seattle Center's Fisher Pavillion
Sponsored by the March 19 Coalition

March with the Not In Our Name Contingent!
Meet at 1pm at the International Fountain in Seattle Center. Look for the Earth flags.

What are you doing on March 19th? Join us as we stand with the people of the world to say Not In Our Name to endless war, attacks on immigrants and police-state restrictions.

The Not In Our Name Project is looking for energetic, committed individuals to form a creative, loud, unstoppable march contingent to protest the second anniversary of the Iraq War. Let it be known that we will not be silent in the face of the continued injustice of the occupation of Iraq. In a recent visit, journalist Dahr Jamail said, "Civil War in Iraq is imminent and the US Bombing campaign in Iran will begin in July. The time to act is now."

Flag Contingent: NION will supply Earth flags. Flags of other countries and peoples, rainbow flags, black flags, red flags, peace flags etc. are also welcome. We need volunteers to help put Earth flags on poles. Our goal is to have at least 100 flags flying on March19th.

Drum Line: Drums of all types welcome. Anything you can bang on that makes a sound you like, we'll call it a drum. BRING IT. Bongos, jimbays, snares, tenors, buckets, water bottles, etc.
Whistle and Pot & Spoon Brigade: We'll be purchasing some whistles, but if you have one of your own, bring it. Pot and spoon brigades are a tradition in South America where people show their political dissent by banging on pots with spoons. Wash out that dirty pot sitting in your sink and polish it up for some spoon action.


Not In Our Name-Seattle, 206-322-3813, www.notinourname-seattle.net, www.notinourname.net,  seattle@notinourname.net