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Bloc Amerika

The Task Force: Bloc Amerika or
George W. Bush's Wet Dream
The Task Force on the Future of North America,
a group of political, religious, and business
representatives of the U.S., Canada, and
Mexico recommended that Canada, Mexico, and
even South America join the U.S. to form a
"common security perimeter" as a part of a
broader plan involving security and economics
within the new borders of the U.S.

The Task Force is co-chaired by William Weld,
former governor of Massachusetts; John Manley,
former deputy PM of Canada; and Pedro Aspe,
former finance minister of Mexico.

"Our goal for North America is one sovereign
nation of America, from Canada to South America.
The new America will have one common border.
The Task Force has recommended that all matters
of public policy, of Canada, Mexico and South
America be integrated and reflect only those
values and priorities of the United States.
Washington will control all foreign policy,
international trade, domestic affairs,
resources, law enforcement, national
defense, and so on." said the chairmen,
in a joint press release.

The North American community will have one
common border, and with the heightened
security alerts, the Homeland Security
Department will be responsible for maintaining
security and order. The entire border will be
throughly guarded and protected. No terrorist
will able to cross America's borders, no
matter where they may try to enter.

The Task Force report says that America will
expidite and expand the implementation of its
"smart border" plan. The details of this plan
include harmonization of visa, immigrant,
refugee, and other regulations, entry and exit
screening, tracking procedures, gathering data
on all people entering or leaving America, etc.

The "smart border" plan will make it easier to
travel within America. All American citizens
will be required to have both a national ID card
and a government border pass. Any citizen found
to be without them will be subject to arrest
and prosecution. Both of these documents will
have biometric identifications, which will allow
people to travel within America, and will
expidite them through customs, immigration,
airport security, etc.

The plan also calls for a new American energy
policy, a natural resource security
strategy(a politically correct term for
stealing water), "deepening" educational
ties, which would allow expanded exchange and
training programs for both students and
teachers, and so on.

The Task Force on the Future of North America
released its report yesterday. The report will
be discussed by the task force group when they
meet next week in Texas. The task force was
sponsored by the U.S. Council on Foreign Relations,
the Canadian Council of Chief Executives and the
Mexican Council on Foreign

The Council of Canadians will release their report
on the Task Force in April 2005.
A summary of the Task Force's Toronto meeting can
be seen at:  http://www.canadians.org

For more info:
Laura Sewell, Media Officer:
(613)233-2773 ext.234
Cell (613)795-8685

The Council of Canadians
700-170 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa, ON K1P 5V5.
(613) 233-2773
Tollfree - 1-800-387-7177
Fax: (613)233-6776
I like it, but... 15.Mar.2005 17:20

Pravda or Consequences

who will pay for it?

If we "merged" our nationalities, everyone will be speaking Spanish unless we adopt a new language fit for a new nation. I nominate Esperanto.

Former this and former that and former the other 15.Mar.2005 18:50

Progressive Democrat

"The Task Force is co-chaired by William Weld, former governor of Massachusetts; John Manley,
former deputy PM of Canada; and Pedro Aspe, former finance minister of Mexico."

I guess if the Council on Foreign Relations is behind it, it must be a good idea. After all, the CFR was for GATT, big time, and where would we be without the WTO?

Still, the thing sounds incomplete to me.

They need to be joined by "George W. Bush, FORMER president of the United States"!