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Answers to questions

sorry, can't summarize, I'm trying to quit
Do you support the troops?
$2 a gallon of blood to fill a car
to drive to my own job that kills people and the planet so I can eat popcorn at the movies
Why are you so angry?
Rotten teeth and image is everything and the dentist is just trying to get paid
Why do you always talk about politics?
Chemtrails and endtrails and stripmalls all in a row
Are you a liberal or a conservative?
I have never been very good at figuring out puzzles, the one that pays the most
Why do you go to protests?
Change comes from within, but when you take it out of doors, you need a permit
Why do you go to protests?
To network with other supporters of social control, the ones with the tear-gas and pepperspray- for our safety-
Why do you go to protests?
I am angry and I need to feel better my flacid anger by being around other flacid, angry people
Hey, why aren't you trying to lobby to end the war?
Aren't we paying someone to do that for us?
When is the revolution coming?
When tickets go on sale, I guess

Take your kids, take your grandma, take the day off, and take over a bridge or two on March 19th, just don't take it for granted!
OKAY, Mother . . . 15.Mar.2005 18:54

IMAGINE I'm not the only one

You say you're trying to quit? No, I don't believe that you'll ever quit -- and I'm not the only one.