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Don't Support Those Businesses That Support LARD Larson

Businesses to stay away from that lard endorses
I am beginning to compile an ongoing list of businesses that advertise during the showtimes of LARD Larson,and some of them even have paid LARD to be the voice of the advertisement. The list will perodically be updated. Regardless of how anyone may feel about the effectiveness of boycotts,I still feel they are potentially effective ESPECIALLY if you CONTACT the business and TELL them SPECIFICALLY WHY you will NO longer patronize them in ANY way.

Actually,CONTACTING them in some way(s) and TELLING them IS the best and ONLY REAL way TO have any chance of any effectiveness.

And before anyone chimes in about how unimportant LARD is to pay attention to,etc,be aware that he was recently given a PERSONAL invitation to The White House Xmas party and also has had the likes of Cheney,Rice,Ridge,Powell,Rumsfeld,and numerous other similar and related ilk on his program,so he is apparently getting somewhere,along with getting a weeknights national program starting a few months ago.

I realize that some,or many of these places are places that many of you do not go to in the first place,
and probaly for good and understandable reasons,too. But just in case there are some places some you do go to,and / or places that you know of that someone else DOES go to,then here it is to be made available to whoever:

Below is the list,so far.

Paramount Equity Mortgage
Daily Grill
M S Glass
George Moreland Plumbing
El Gaucho (restaurant)
Marquis Spas (Independence,OR)
Video Only
American Equity Mortgage
L B Windows
St John's Honda
Salon Savvy (Lard's voice)
Sterling Savings Bank
Signs By Tomorrow ('red state stupid' stickers)
Made In Oregon
Lakeside Lumber
Apple Music
Doc Martins
Ridge Mortgage (Lard's voice)
Balloons On Broadway (Lard's voice)
Comcast (Lard is their MAIN endorser
and they gave him a TV feed to his daily radio shows)
Lewis Audio & Video (Newburg)
Amish Furniture Gallery

Another company to stay away from Oregon Rain Virgin Water
Follow the link and you will see that they are using lars as an official spokesman and product endorser, there are other interesting links there also.
and here is a second link

In agreement 15.Mar.2005 16:13

Piggly Wiggly

I agree - Do not support his supporters.

By the way, exactly how much does one have to
consume daily to maintain Lars' 'physique'?

I'd love to own the grocery store Lars shops at,
or one of the restaurants he eats at. Those establishments
are undoubtedly in hog-heaven (so-to-speak).

A Gracious Note 15.Mar.2005 16:57


Dang it all, I think I'm gonna write Lars and let him
know how I feel about all this:

Mailing Address: 9100 MT RAINIER DR VANCOUVER WA 98664

It's always more personal if you write him at home.
Be kind. Right-wingers are human beings too...

TIMBERLINE? 15.Mar.2005 20:21


You forgot the most egregious company by far. Lars PERSONALLY narrates how he loves his huge Dodge Ram pickup to get his fat ass to work and where to get one at a special price. TIMBERLINE DODGE. I have felt like calling him and asking him why he is such a GASSHOLE. Now you know why he is so pro-oil-war.

Right on, rattsoup! 15.Mar.2005 21:58


Lard's an odious swine. Your brothers and sisters north of DER BORDER support the noble efforts of all you righteous Cascadians.

update info? 16.Mar.2005 13:37


I think you're doing a good thing posting this, and thanks for all the hard work, I just have one question.

Last time you posted this, someone questioned the Balloons on Broadway info because the store is owned by gay men who are at least sympathetic to progressive causes. I don't know the owners personally, but I have been told--independantly from this site--that this is true.

So, I wonder if it's possible that the voice in the ad just sounds like Lars? Anyway, I guess I'm just asking for the source of your info. Is it just your opinion of the voice, or did you follow up on it?

Anyway, thanks again for the work, keep the pressure up--I wish I patronized some of these businesses so I could stop.

Don't Buy 28.Mar.2005 16:51


Please stay away from Alpenrose Dairy and this Bunny. The smile comes from Lars having his way with the Peter Cotton Tail before this picture

Big Gun 27.Apr.2005 13:28

Oregon city

Here is big gun he and tina can shoot more Liberals with

More to boycott 06.May.2005 14:18


First: Northwest First Choice, Inc 6103 NE St. James Road, Suite A, Vancouver, WA Vinyl Siding/Custom Windows/Cabinet Refacing President: Rod Troyer General Manager: Ken Miller Customer Service: Marilyn Caldwell Call: 888-777-0617 second: http://www.lblwindows.com/ Our postal address is 23555 N.E. Halsey St. Troutdale, OR 97060 webmaster@lblwindows.com Or you can reach us by telephone at 800-663-8979 Third: http://www.certainteed.com/certainteed/index.htm Calls from Consumers should be directed to - (800) 782-8777

Right on! 10.May.2005 12:21

Nutmeg Alfredo

Thanks for this.