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"Settlement" of the wilderness

A cartoon may be downloaded for publication.
Just as the killing of the buffalo ended a way of life for the plains Indians drilling oil in ANWR Will poison the life style and steal the human rights of the gwich'in.
Please take a moment, use this toll free number to call your Senators and and congress expressing support to protect the Arctic Refuge and find alternative energy source's

rationale 16.Mar.2005 06:45

pardon my french pierre

a snippet of conversation that took place 5 hours ago:

At least 'p' has skunked himself into stupefaction ---
Haahahaah, I referred to tobacco brother nick, not the
wacky weed

I am dumbfounded to be able to write in hyroglyphs
now; it's a very pretty cryptomat

p - guessed you were doing something useful
Posted by: nick at March 16, 2005 09:11 AM

via the hyper hitchhikin hypsy site

back when the angularity of the numb(err)ed days and
otherwisely sized measures for time's bits and pieces
hadn't racked and run up so many open sores in the

The sheer diversity of asteroids leads to chronic
overload in datastreams; my advice: take a step back ;
snap a moment, slice a segment, do your best with an
average, look for signs if it's decently embeddable in
larger broad brush frames, then let go in favor of
something you may take hold of.. .. the trouble with
children afflicted with a history of not having been
given enough to hold on to, shift, sweat over and see
cycle into the games and guises of growth from gritty
to great big; compared to the abduction/abuse issues
playing up in certain channels (in no small part due
to the 'residential school' crimes and such, are
really dwarfed by this problem; the lack of backyard
grounding is a huge crime comparable to the pang of
pity some people get when the see someone with a full
time job in the city feels entitled to 'keep' a dog.

A report made public yesterday says that big cities
have become 7 times deadlier in a short while.
Somebody was axed in london the other day.

The art of gypsification is to do with a love for the
road; the road warriors want to see an end to them.

I can sympathize with either and see some common

Stay on the path! It's there not to lead to
exploitation and disclosure of territory it 'runs'
into, but to protect (1) and bless (2) it.

1 -- stops the tramplement and hard going, allows easy
long distance work; wouldn't mind seeing horsepower
change to human muscle power though; big bands on the
run with surpluses for and
2 -- essential (trace) requirements for the

Roadbuilding is a cleverer way for sediment
distribution than creating rivers if you think of us
as humble descendants and servants of the water cycles
on earth. I't a way for mud to delay sprawly flowy
touchy feely gratification and brace, purge and steel
itself and reach further; evolutionarily speaking,
getting as far as this is a rare chance, .. .but what
do we see? idiots who want to set their knife in more
mobile lifeforms than rock!!! Know you no shame????

time haiku
nothing better to do than squeeze the obstructs
what luxury
harden the abstracts to carry obstructs across them to
a suitable place to do so = roader age .. . dawning

piet. specifically, don't know how i'm supposed to
take this:

"The sheer diversity of asteroids leads to chronic
overload in datastreams ... "
Posted by: northanger at March 16, 2005 09:36 AM

well, take arguelles et all, he starts with the noble
intention of keeping it simple and (numbers) 'whole'
but pretty soon the fetish (4 is to 7 as 7 to 13,
etcetera) fractionates and it gets grey matter
contortionizingly complicated; headaches loom.

asteroid orbits, rotations etcetera simply to diverse
to try specify and have hopes of time left over to
actually achieve confessed aims.

Attempts to determine/place/pick out the role of
individual trace minerals, supposedly redundant dna, etcetera,
run into similar problems ; I prefer to 'make do' with
a simple, coarse perhaps, trial and error mixage
(magic) mimic.

google for hensel hamaker yarrow poetpiet rock powders and dusts --- better yet, use some in your compost today.

oh, and about those energy sources; google for wessel di wesseli

have you ever tried pushing a beachball underwater?

tie a bunch of them together and try again; now construct a vertical traintrack with airtight 'harmonicalizing' (bellowlikely breathing - collapsible/expandible) wagons going up and down; now paint your ponies in peace .. .. .