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Arrest question

I am a nonviolent advocate of peace and am looking forward to the protests in a few days. I have a few questions. i have never been arrested and was windering what would happen to me if I was arrested at the upcoming protest for nonviolent civil disobedience. Where do the cops take you? For how long? What do they do? Are their fines?
What happens? 15.Mar.2005 13:58

Judge Judy

Where do the cops take you?
That's a no-brainer: to JAIL.

For how long?
That depends. If you or your family are rich,
just long enough to post your bail. Otherwise
you'll get a "speedy trial".

What do they do?
Fingerprint you, and lick their chops if you have money.
If you don't, they toss you in with the rest of the cattle.

Are their fines?
Naturally. This IS the U$A

What you might 15.Mar.2005 14:38


instead is whether or not you feel strongly enough about your opposition to this nation's occupation of Iraq, to the extent that you risk arrest for making your opinion known in such a way. This whole dissent thing has little to do with balls and machismo, it hinges mostly on an expression of the heart. Find your heart, let it guide you as you seek a way to best express your passionate distaste for the debacle in Iraq.

For some, it's a matter of getting into the streets and protesting openly, while others might choose more clandestine forms of dissent or direct action; it really is a matter of finding your heart though. Courage of the heart is what makes one a radical peace activist, if you can find your way to express this effectively you ultimately will empower and inspire others to do likewise from your example. Mahatma Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr. are some good examples of ppl not being too concerned with arrest or jail.

And now, for some likely immediate results:
-You might be arrested with hundreds of others
-You might be detained for questioning
-You might be jailed for several hours
-You'll then be released on your own recognizance
-You'll be arraigned
-You'll be tried
-You'll be true
-You'l be ready for more!

Being arrested 15.Mar.2005 16:37


It is different for everyone. Are you black, young, old, rich, poor, Jewish, muslim? Those are all the questions that you have to answer for us to give you a specific example. Usually, what will happen is that you will unexpectantly be pulled strongly off of the street. Handcuffs will be slapped on you before you even know what is going on. The police will scream questions at you in which you do not know the answer. Give them your name and ID if your wearing it and ask why and if you are being arrested. If they say you are do not answer any more questions until a law counselor is present. You will then be thrown into the plastic back seat of a police car which is extremely uncomfortable and you will start feeling incredibly dizzy. This is because your handcuffs are on tightly and you cannot get any blood circulation. After a 40 minute wait you will then be driven to the holding cell in downtown portland at the police station. You will be in a single cell with nothing more than a chair and a cement bench in the very back of the cell. Do not get up. There will be feces all over the walls and urine on the floor. The police do not let you go to the bathroom but you can still try to ask. If you are going to be cited, you have to have you fingerprints and mugshot taken. Still, don't say anything. You will then probably be questioned. Do not answer unless you have a legal counselor present and make sure you ask for one. You will probably be in the holding cell for quite a while 3-4 hours. It will seem like 3 years to you and your handcuffs will make your hands go numb. You will feel incredibly dizzy. Make sure to demand that your handcuffs be loosened. If you faint in the cell you could risk brain damage. That, and you will be awoken in a pile of urine. The police will make up bogus claims that you have to answer their questions. There is a link somewhere in indymedia on what is your legal rights while being arrested. Try to find that. Be sure to record the officers badge number when you are being arrested. Have someone get your phone number and make sure to call jail support. Stay near the cameras. That is your best bet to safety. Any more questions?

The Key 15.Mar.2005 17:21


Is to not be arrested. If you are so be it, and follow ben's instructions, but the point is, going to jail does not make you a martyr. People will chant for your release until you are quickly forgoten in the heat of protest. People will help you out because they feel for your cause. The jail helpline is a great example, or if someone is trying to help you out by calling your parents (if you are younger) then thats great. The point is that you don't make the news for going to jail, you become a statistic quoted by conservative talkshow hosts. It is not in your self intrest to be arrested. The lesson here is don't get caught if you do something that pisses of riot police...