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Seal Slaughter Protest

Protest Canada's vile seal slaughter.
There is NO justification for the cowardly, vile, repulsive, brutal, & ignorant annual slaughter of newborn seals in eastern Canada. So i'm taking a day from my usual human rights concerns to join others who protest this disgusting event, & who understand the connection which ties all brutality together into the sickness which infects our human species. Humans cannot get along with each other or with other creatures. Therefore, the protests, against our species' hateful destructive behaviors.

Protest: today at noon at Pioneer Courthouse Square, Portland.

Also, please call, write, fax:

Canadian Embassy
Frank McKenna, Ambassador
501 Pennsylvania Ave NW
DC 20001-2111
fax 202-682-7726

Canadian Consulate General (for Oregon & Washington)
Jeffrey Palmer, Consul General
412 Plaza 600
Sixth & Stewart
Seattle WA 98101-1286
Fax 206-443-9662

Please! Help! Thank you!

Den Mark, Vancouver, USA
Embassy Tape 15.Mar.2005 09:27

Den Mark

When you call the embassy, you'll be switched to a recorder. Prepare in advance & be brief; the tape is short.

thanks for posting 15.Mar.2005 11:37


I'm going to call the consulate in Seattle.