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Red Alert on the Arctic Refuge!!

All hands on deck!
We have just learned that the U.S. Senate is
likely to vote next Wednesday on a
budget resolution that could doom the Arctic
National Wildlife Refuge to
massive oil development and destruction.

That vote is now too close to call.

So the NRDC Action Fund is racing to produce a
series of last-minute, hard-
hitting print ads that will generate public
pressure on those key senators
whose votes could literally save the Arctic
Refuge -- and its vulnerable
populations of caribou, polar bears, white wolves
and other rare wildlife.

We urgently need your donation to run those
decisive ads in our target states --
especially Hawaii and Louisiana -- beginning this
weekend and continuing Monday
and Tuesday in advance of the crucial vote.

Please go to
right now and make an online contribution that
will help generate a wave of
national opposition to this sneak attack on
America's greatest sanctuary for
Arctic wildlife.

President Bush knows full well that the vast
majority of Americans oppose
drilling in the Arctic Refuge. That's why he's
working with his pro-oil allies
in the Senate to hide their assault on the Arctic
Refuge in the massive budget

This cynical ploy to bypass the democratic
process of public scrutiny and
debate can only work if they succeed in keeping
the American people in the
dark. We must have your help to sound the alarm
and raise an outcry over the
next critical days.

Just last week, your generosity and activism
helped us wage and win a come-from-
behind battle to defeat President Bush's
pro-polluter "dirty skies" bill in the
Senate. You and I stunned the White House. Let's
do it again on Wednesday!

Please do your part by going to
and making an online donation that will help
rally millions of Americans
against this back-door scheme to destroy the
Arctic Refuge for the benefit of
the oil industry.

Thank you.


John H. Adams
NRDC Action Fund
Looks like a worthy cause to me 15.Mar.2005 11:26


I only wish I had money to donate. Went and looked at the website listed above and after viewing it, I would urge those who have some spare cash to make a donation.