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M19 - Corvallis event

For those in the Corvallis area who cannot make it to PDX...
Honoring Those Who Have Died in Iraq - A Day for Mourning.. for Peace.. for Coming Together.. Commemorating the 2nd anniversary of the Invasion of Iraq by the U.S.

WHITE is the symbol for PEACE in many countries around the world, and is also a symbol of MOURNING in many countries.

* NAMES of U.S. and Iraqi dead on white ribbons, attached to white streamers that groups and individuals can carry, will be available before the march begins.

* Small white ribbons of peace that individuals can wear will be distributed.

* Please think of a positive peace message to write on a white banner at the courthouse.

Sponsors: Active for Peace & Justice Group at First United Methodist Corvallis; Peace Committee at Corvallis First Congregational UCC. Other Corvallis groups are co-sponsors, including NAACP, Benton Co. Bill of Rights, Benton Co. Democrats, United Campus Ministries.


Gather at 11:30am at Riverfront Park, on 1st St from Van Buren to Monroe St. The Peace March begins at Noon, and ends at Benton County Courthouse, 4th & Jackson with a community sing.


From I-5, go west on Hwy 34 to Corvallis; exit immediately after crossing Willamette RIver bridge at east edge of town, turn right onto 2nd St, go 1 block and turn right on Tyler Ave, then go 1 block to find parking on 1st St.

For more information visit: