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Portland Plaid Regional Discriminator

Plaid pantry will not accept California I.D. for tobacco or alcohol purchases...
thank you...
the affected
Plaid Pantry Markets
Address: 1930 E Burnside St, Portland, OR 97214
Phone: (503) 234-1681

Plaid pantry will not accept a Valid Legal California I.D. Card as legal identification for tobacco or alcohol purchases... and this is geographical discrimination. What??? am i supposed to purchase a state I.D. every time i
am visiting or conducting business out of my home state- or do i just travel further to find a retailer with a decent I.D. policy.
thank you...
the affected
Californication 14.Mar.2005 23:02

Thom Kat

That is one way to keep Californians out! But the Valid Legal I.D. Card of any state as well as any Valid Legal passport should be recognized. Years ago I had that problem renting videos and using my passport.

not the issue 15.Mar.2005 07:26

you know.

i dont think your issue should be that a chain store wont accept your id. i think your issues should be two fold.

1. your insistence to purchase these vices, that is a form of control. Why not join up with the local brew block and learn how to make beer yourself? much cheaper and more rewwarding...besides, once we win, who ya gonna buy from then. same with tobacco. tobacco grows extremely well here in the pacific northwest.

2. are you beholden to a statesponsored tracking program? do you really hold so much wieght in your 'state' or your 'id'? honestly, the ideas of these united states and their borders are silly, get over it.

besides i hear it is real easy to walk into a plaid and grab some beer then run out the door. they have a no chase policy.

A simple solution 15.Mar.2005 14:13

Sam Walton

It's simple. Shop elsewhere.