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Video from 3/7 Direct Action at Biscuit! See it at upcoming PDX indy video showings!

A six minute edited video about the first day of direct action to stop the logging at the Fiddler timber sale in the Biscuit has arrived in PDX. It will be shown at (at least) the next two video showings, and features footage of Joan Norman, the 70+ year old who was the first to be arrested.
Also shown is the break-up of the second blockade further up the road that day, which featured people locked to and under an abandoned truck in the middle of the road.
  • Reed College
    Thursday, March 24 @7pm
    A special "best of" video showing, covering 2002 to the present and featuring the protests on 20 March 2003, 20 Jan 2005, Critical Mass, Buy Nothing Day, and more.
  • It's a Beautiful Pizza
    Monday, March 28 @7pm
    Up-to-the-minute coverage of un/under-reported events in town, featuring Justice for Janitors, the Biscuit fight, and more TBA
Both showings, like all PDX Indymedia Video nights, are FREE.

Direct action is continuing in the area, with as many as 40+ arrrests so far. The Biscuit is definitely the hot spot for forest defense activity right now, as it should be: it's a unique area, geologically and biologically (and some would say spiritually). These video showings will also feature updates from activists-in-the-know, and opportunities for you to find out how you can help with the efforts.

Hope to see you there!

Watch a Biscuit Protest video from 3-7-05 14.Mar.2005 22:30

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Watch a Biscuit Protest video from 3-7-05

9.2 megabytes and 5:46 minutes



Biscuit Protest 3-7-05
Biscuit Protest 3-7-05

Hard working Pete 15.Mar.2005 05:06


I work evenngs. How do I get to see the videos? I imagine there must be lots of other people who work twilight or night shifts who would like to see these videos. Maybe you could have screenings at lunch time as well as the evening screeenings.