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Photo Of Biscuit Pod Action

Riteous Women Defending the Earth from Corporate Greed
75 Women blocking the bridge.
One brave woman blockading in a pod.
Three more heroines up the road locked down.
20 arrests today and counting.

The Forest Service wants to keep you out with a "closure order"
Will you let them?


Another try at that photo 14.Mar.2005 16:01


Not a techie,
but doing my best here.
What courage looks like...
What courage looks like...

where is the photo? 14.Mar.2005 16:02

not in a pod

closure denied!

photo 14.Mar.2005 16:05

another one

here's a shot at the photo of the pod.
wymins pod to protect the biscuit
wymins pod to protect the biscuit

So good 14.Mar.2005 17:02

To see

People standing up for the forest. A powerful action and a clear illustration that interest in saving the Biscuit is high and resistance will continue. Hopefully there will be adequate media coverage of today's action and awareness among the general public is growing by the day. Hats off to all you wimmyn who participated! We love you and greatly respect the work you are doing and the risks you incurred standing in the way of the chainsaws.

WOOO HOOOO!!!!!!!! 15.Mar.2005 09:02


Yee haw!!! That fuckin rocks. Hey fs.....hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!