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9.11 investigation

Kaminski On 911 and the Left

March 19 won't make any difference
I'm not real gung-ho about a lot of stuff on rense.com, but John Kaminski isn't one of them. Have faith, John. Portland is listening. Check this out:  http://rense.com/general63/peacegr.htm
Nobody bats a thousand all the time 14.Mar.2005 20:26

The Grand Narrator

If you're in a hurry, just skip the sub-plots. What's the big deal about the Pentagon? That's just a side show. Military bases get hit all the time. They're in the business of exchanging hits with "the enemy" -- for sure, when they go too long without a hit, they have to hit themselves. It's "just business" for them.

The main story line takes place in Manhattan, no? But the dramatic nexus is, and here's where it gets interesting, Flight 93 -- a more domestic and smaller-scale setting. The people are flying along, feeling all cozy and at the top of the world, literally -- but also in terms of having inherited all that great techno civilization, so they are also at the top of the world as a time-line or narrative, the big picture of HISTORY culminating in SuperAmerika at its best. Suddenly, it all comes apart:

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is the pilot speaking. I have at this time a knife at my throat. Please fasten your seat belts. The flight may be delayed."

Then a fast fade-out to the White House. Cheney and Bush. Something's gone wrong with the plans. Damn! Didn't the B-team get the revised orders? Shit! What do to? What to do? The President is interrupted as he reads a comic book (maybe a HERO COMIX logo is the close-up). He looks up, briefly, to say, "I dunno, let Dick take care of it." A NORAD representative in the War Room explains to Dick:

"Sir, I don't have the authority to order it shot down. There's women and children on that flight. NSA reports an intercept of a phone call from the plane -- it's possible that the passengers may actually try to stop this renegade B-team."

The Vice President:

"We can't afford to have any survivors from the operatives! None! Fuck the women and children! They can be heroes anyway. We'll pay off the families, if we have to."

NORAD general:

"So you're ordering it, then? Sir, all I have to do is hit this one button and it's done."

The Vice President:

"What the hell is the matter with you today, Numb Nuts? I said "DO IT" didn't I? Shit, there's alway SOMETHING that goes wrong. Most everything went according to script, so we've had a pretty damn good day, I'd say. I'm not going to risk spoiling it now. Nobody bats a thousand all the time."

At least that's the way I'd script it.

re, never mind the troll accusation, post what you want. 15.Mar.2005 00:17

kawak, naika sihks

re, challenge the bullshit wherever you see it, I'm sick of these morons.

I've noticed this same 'troll accuser' person calling people trolls every time a whacked out conspiracy is questioned even slightly.
I know it's him, same writing style, same stupid tactics. It's been happening with the Johnny Gosch crap and some other whacko tales too. I wonder if the conspiracy pushers have a trade union or something. There seems to be like a conspiracy mafia or something, out to push there far fetched tales, linking to each other, supporting each other.

In otherwords, yes, I am claiming that there's a conspiracy to push conspiracy.

Furthermore, I think that they're using IMC's as an advertising platform. It's been going on for a long time, these jokers are making money from IMCs bandwith and wasting the time of IMC users. Not seeing allot of this on right wing sites. Right wing sites like to call left wing sites wing nuts and supporters of 'conspiracy theories'.

Perhaps the activist community should start a boycott of the major conspiracy media outlets. Let's start holding these jokers to a higher standard. They post these same stories to so many IMC's I'm wondering if they're using automated scripts.

WHY 15.Mar.2005 16:43


I AM the person who posted this. Why? Because of the gist of Kaminski's article. The Left HAS to realize that 911 was an inside job. The mechanics of it all is another thing, the important thing is that the government lied about all of it because they helped engineer the event. Whether Kaminski supported the webfairy or Scott Peterson at one time HAS NO BEARING on the fact that 911 was blamed on the wrong guys. America is STILL in shock over 911, and lots of people have given their attention to all kinds of theories. Whatever the details, the reality is that the perpe-traitors are getting away with it, and most of the left doesn't give a damn. Arabs in a cave with box-cutters, failing flight school, booze-drinking tit-ogling muslim martyrs, it seems as if Americans will believe ANY stupid conspiracy as long as it points to dirty, scheming arabs who want to 'destroy Israel' for no good reason. Hello 'Grand Narrator'- You graduate with honors from the Indy school of BS detection.

Holograms DO cause problems for the 9/11 movement 15.Mar.2005 18:14


>>Whether Kaminski supported the webfairy or Scott Peterson at one time HAS NO BEARING on the fact that 911 was blamed on the wrong guys.

Wrong - things like the webfairy, pods, missiles, UFOs and other nonsense has been used to discredit the movement over and over in mainstream press, to make average Americans think that 'conspiracy theorists' are loony tunes.


The Pentagon No-757-Crash Theory:
Booby Trap for 9/11 Skeptics

Stories to discredit researchers using such insanity as holograms and missiles have shown up on the front pages of the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Nation, Popular Mechanics, etc.

re IS a troll 15.Mar.2005 22:49


Did you say "MISSLES"?

No Missles, huh? 15.Mar.2005 23:30

Me again

Guess what-UFO's are real too, you cigar chompin' nitwit