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April20: Reclaiming the "Orange Revolution"

Our Enemy has provided us with a potentially momentous opportunity, one which we cannot afford to miss. Please circulate this freely.
Since the demonstrations which reversed the electoral decision in the Ukraine, I've heard and seen many Ukrainians talking about large groups of foreigners who were pivotal to their planning. Many of these groups were the ones responsible for paying for the food, shelter, and orange banners used by the protestors. I didn't think much of this, or the accusations of funding from agencies such as the CIA, until I saw the same thing occuring in Lebanon.

One thing I've noticed, which seems to support these ideas, is the tightly-controlled Western media's willingness to ignore the unsubstantiated allegations made in Syria and Lebanon that the Central Intelligence Agency, or Israel's Mossad, or both, were responsible for the assassination of Hariri, while at the same time, parroting over and over the same unsubstantiated claims about Syria, emanating from the White House den of LIARS and thieves. Even media outlets which I consider better than the rest, like the Canadian Broadcasting Corpoation, are guilty of such irresponsibility. When pro-Syrian demonstrators turned out in the hundreds of thousands, proving the anti-Syrians to be the minority voice, the media downplayed these numbers. Now, it seems that the anti-Syrian groups have gathered their forces, in an attempt to overwhelm the pro-Syrians.

Just feels a bit too staged for my taste ... What I find the most irresonsible about all of this is the fact that whoever is behind this, they are attempting (and succeeding) to divide the Lebanese People, and cause conflict both within the country, and towards Syria. This, of course, aids the Israelis and PNAC Americans, who both have an interest, and want to invade and occupy Syria (and perhaps Lebanon as well), as called for repeatedly by the agenda which has seen Bush/PNAC illegally invade two Arab nations already.

The CBC chose Janice Stein, a Zionist "Middle East Expert" to comment on the situation, and she said when she saw the demonstrations she "saw the colour orange". This was after the first anti-Syrian demo, when the colour scheme wasn't so pronounced. Since then, orange flags, placards, etc. have started "spontaneously" appearing in great numbers.

When I was in university, my Design professor brought in some Colour Researchers from the University of Edmonton, who lectured on the psychological, but also the PHYSICAL effects, colours have on the human body and mind. This red-orange colour is one of the "comfort colours", and you will no doubt remember seeing it in countless commercials (ING Direct, and the creepy, stereotypical European banker, anyone ... ?).

Since the CIA, or Mossad, or whoever is ultimately behind these carefully stage-managed displays, you know they understand what they're doing. I believe that we should be taking a cue from them, and striking while the iron is hot. This orange colour scheme has been carefully crafted in order to transmit "armchair understanding" of these two manufactured crises.

Even though it was our Enemy putting it out there, for their own purposes, we should seize the opportunity to claim it for ourselves.

I propose that on April 20, Americans the country over DRESS IN ORANGE, and CARRY SIGNS OF ORANGE, and rally at the feet of power, and the media, DEMANDING that the democratic will of the People not be ignored. I guarantee this will send an instant message, not only to the Bush/PNAC Regime, but to all Americans and to the world that sees it.

Keep your signs easy to read and understand, things such as "FIRE THE LIARS", "IMPEACH BUSH", and at media centres, "LIARS", or "TRAITORS", or "COWARDS". Groups should design some Talking Points, and designate members to speak with the reporters on-scene. In larger centres, you should inform the media of what's going to happen, and call the stations' News Director or Assignment Editor, and request to be interviewed. You could even take it further, and offer your services as an Activist Analyst for the day, just like they use ex-military personnel, and members of Right-Wing "Think-Tanks".

Let's test these LIARS and criminals, and their media puppets, and see just how much they truly respect "Freedom & Democracy", the words upon which they attempt to justify the attrocities upon which they've built their fortunes. Regardless of what happens, the message will be sent. We have nothing to lose. If something comes of this, then great. Follow up and celebrate. If the rallies are ignored, or treated by the police as those in the past, then you've just PROVEN these men to be the Hypocrits we all know them to be.

I'd like to see as many people as can, make their way to Washington DC itself, and not simply Rally for a few hours, but for DAYS. Those who cannot make it there, plan and hold your own local rallies, and not only gather where your Government officials meet, but also where the media does its business.

Let's take this thing that was designed to dupe people into supporting what the Fascists in DC want, and turn it on its head. Let's use it as a tool for bringing that Fascism to its knees, and demonstrate the good intentions that were to be assumed about the "Orange Revolutionaries".

Remember, that we are the Majority, and Truth is our greatest Ally.

The only way we can fail, is if we fail to ACT.

P E A C E . . . ?

"No matter how far you have traveled down the wrong road, turn back"
- Ancient Egyptian Proverb
April 20? Or May 1? Or both? 14.Mar.2005 21:29

Progressive Democrat

I have heard this discussed, like at VelvetRevolution, as in the planning stage for May 1 -- not April 20.

Could someone clarify this and give links for what's happening about the election protest plans?

I appreciate the article, it's good, and I like the orange idea -- just wondering about the date. I forget -- April 20, is that the date of the old Patriot Day that used to be big in New England?

welcome to "orange reality," from the NED/CIA 15.Mar.2005 06:47

FOUR MONTHS previously

Title: Ukraine: US Orwellian "well planned drama" of IMF/CIA/NED coup as "grassroots democracy"
Author: comparativist
Date: 2004.12.02 01:30
Description: Ukraine, perfection of Orwellian "well planned drama" media perception around IMF/CIA/NED coup as a "grass roots democratic reform"; how it's done --- "Among the numerous Western foundations, the [Orwellian named] National Endowment for Democracy (NED), although not officially part of the CIA, performs an important intelligence function in shaping party politics in the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe and around the World. [NED additionally involved in funding of Venezuelan coup against Chavez.] NED was created in 1983, when the CIA was being accused of covertly bribing politicians and setting up phony civil society front organizations. According to Allen Weinstein, who was responsible for establishing the NED during the Reagan Administration: "A lot of what we [NED] do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA." (Washington Post, Sept. 21, 1991). --- "Pora's posters plastered all over Ukraine DEPICT A JACKBOOT crushing a beetle, an allegory of what Pora wants to do to its opponents. It was like this during Nazi-occupied Ukraine,...Nobody in the West has said anything against these posters. Pora continues to be presented [by CNN] as an innocent band of students having fun. But it is an organization created and financed by Washington, as were sister organizations in Serbia and Georgia, Otpor and Kmara." --- "It is claimed that officially the US government spent US$41 million to fund the year-long operation to get rid of Milosevich from October 1999. In Ukraine, the figure is said to be about $14 million so far."

Title: UKRAINE: The Clockwork Orange Revolution,"U.S. candidate" refuses independent dioxin tests
Author: tenc
Date: 2004.12.29 08:28
Description: U.S. Candiate in Ukranian coup refuses independent tests of his so-called dioxin poisioning...though spins it furiously. --- Corp. media disinformation about dioxin/Ukraine, as U.S. spins Cold War propaganda "To help our readers make an informed judgment about the general character of media reporting on the Ukraine, Emperor's Clothes has studied how the media covered the poisoning story. We used the media search engine, Lexis-Nexis. We began with the hypothesis that the Western media is biased in favor of Viktor Yushchenko and that they were pushing the poisoning story in order to make him seem like an embattled opposition figure. But what we found goes beyond bias. We found that the media in the US, Germany, the UK, Italy and France systematically withheld and misrepresented information and outright lied. The media have used the poisoning allegation to re-launch the most dishonest kind of Cold War propaganda. 6) We will show that the media have failed to ask the most obvious questions if such questions would undermine Yushchenko's allegations. Example: in mid-December, Yushchenko once again shook things up in the Ukraine by re-raising the poison story. He made a big issue of a Dutch test which supposedly showed he had a lot of dioxin in his blood. Yet even as he disrupted Ukrainian politics once again with these allegations, he also argued that the Ukrainian commission should not reopen his case until after the elections. Why? Because, he said, this would be disruptive! Translation: Yushchenko wanted to make pre-election propaganda out of claims by his highly partisan doctors that the poison allegation was proved, but he did not want a commission including people from across the Ukrainian political spectrum to conduct independent tests.