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Is Democracy really what the world needs?

I am not an advocate for any kind of government. Some governments work, some don't. Time proves if they work or if they fail. My question to the world is what do places like the middle east really need?
I hear alot of talk about bringing democracy to the world, and freeing people from oppressive regimes. I agree, these regimes are oppressive, they kill citizens, have police brutality, round up large groups of people and imprison them in times of war, and try to spread their oppressive message to the world. Oh wait! Have you heard this before? We have the death penalty, we have police brutality, we interned all of the japanese-american citizens durring WWII and we are trying to spread our message. When we killed the Nazis, it was because they were taking over the world, spreading their message. Of course, i am glad we stoped them, i am a jew and have many relatives who did not survive the concentration camps. When communist Russia tried to spread their message, we threatned them with nukes. We prosecuted film producers and directors. We all make mistakes, but when use the very tactics we have always faught against to our own ends it is wrong. Maybe the middle east needs a central figure to follow. Maybe, since they are religious people who follow a single God, they need and earthly representation to follow. Is it really our place to judge on such a large scale? What if, one day, Iraq said, hey those Americans have weapons of mass destruction! Democracy is oppression, lets go free them? When they landed on our beaches, newspapers would read Iraqi invasion! Fight for your freedom!
Freedom is in the eyes of the beholder.
Maybe it is not our place to judge freedom for the world. In the same manner that government should not have control over personal issues that do hot hurt others, maybe we should step back and take a look at what we are doing. We are gripped in the fist of rampant nationalism. Nationalism is a form of propaganda that governments use against their own people to get their support no matter what the government does.
What is really patriotic is not to follow but to lead, and continue the political evolution.
Monarchy was once the only accepted form of governemnt. People thought there could be no equal. Look at us now, not a single world "superpower" has a monarchy. Fight back and be a true patriot, free the middle east and the rest of the world from our spreading of democracy.
Let the rest of the world figure these things out by themselves, this is the only way towards political progression.
Yours in true patriotism
Democracy???????? 14.Mar.2005 13:23


Phil, it sounds like you haven't gotten the word yet. Our elections are being controlled by a few corporations that make E-voting machines, dude. Not even the one day every two years that the people are supposed to have a say in this countries politics is real.

Whatever Bush is pushing to the middle east is not the point. He shouldn't be the president!!!!!! He shouldn't be doing anything!!!!!!

Let's stay focused on the real problem and get this voting thing fixed!!!!!!

Yes but... 14.Mar.2005 15:25


I totally agree about bush not being a true president. However, the point of this article is not Bush bashing, but is about democracy as a system, as a whole, not just the last 5 years. I agree, i despise Bush and eveything about him, but the bigger, broader problem is the democractic system forcing itslef on others. Bush wasn't fucking with voting machines durring WWII nor durring the cold war.
I agree with your opinion but not within the context of this article.

Only the Brits 14.Mar.2005 19:08


Is Britain not a "superpower" - Gee, they sure act like one?
Well, only the Brits love their monarchs...so much so that they tolerate poor kids eating out of garbage cans.

Alternatives ?? 14.Mar.2005 21:32

Progressive Democrat

I forget who it was, but somebody said something about like this --

Democracy looks like a terrible way to run things, until you consider the alternatives.

For sure, democracy won't work if people don't believe in it!

Democracy isn't so bad 15.Mar.2005 01:03

Time to go

It's being an American that sucks. Time to secede.