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biscuit restraining order still not decided

just contacted a judicial clerk at the the district court in eugene and was told that there is no word on when the ruling will be issued....
Call me jaded. 15.Mar.2005 08:56


Wow!!!!!! What a surprise. I've heard hogan won't be coming out with a decision until late this week. Word at first was he would have a decision within 36 hours; that was 5 days ago. Oh yeah, the constitution, laws and due process sure make me feel warm and cuddly. Maybe i'm a racist but it seems to me white people in power are incapable of speaking the truth. Always has been this way, when the fuck does it change? I reckon that adage is true, "we are the ones we've been waiting for." Hate to say it, but we're the only ones out there. Thankfully, there's more of us than them. When will we finally believe this?