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Gannon is Johnny Gosch who was kidnapped in 1982, when he was 12

Link to the radio interview below, Gunderson calls in about 29:40 into the program.

 link to www.mysteriesofthemind.com

*** Tuesday, March 8 - Ted Gunderson (Windows Media Player)

Listen here via: MP3 Stream

Listen here via: MP3 Download


Another mind blowing interview:
*** Thursday, March 10 - Noreen Gosch, replay of June 22, 04 (Windows Media Player)
Before taking any comments on this post seriously, listen to the radio show and educate yourself. Check out the links below. There are mega disinformation agents trying to discredit this story. There are very powerful people who don't want this information from coming out.

 link to www.libertythink.com

 link to bellaciao.org

 link to www.total411.info

If you care about our children, spread the word.
just one more addition 14.Mar.2005 08:26


Very up to date, this is another must read.
 link to tomflocco.com

very powerful people who don't want this information from coming out 14.Mar.2005 17:35


but it is alread "out". seems like disinfo in of itself.

watch video of Conspiracy of Silence here 14.Mar.2005 19:50


Here's the link to the video:
 link to www.propagandamatrix.com

In mid-1993, after The Franklin Cover-Up had been circulating for almost a year, the British-based TV station, Yorkshire Television, sent a top-notch team to Nebraska to launch its own investigation of the Franklin case. Yorkshire had a contract with the Discovery Channel to produce a documentary on the case for American television.

Finally, the big day came. Their documentary was to air nation-wide on the Discovery Channel on May 3, 1994. It was advertised in the TV Guide and in newspapers for that day. But no one ever saw that program. At the last minute, and without explanation, it was pulled from the air. It was not shown then, and has never been broadcast anywhere since.

 link to www.propagandamatrix.com

So, i went to the crappy web page 14.Mar.2005 20:27


Found 4 wmv videos, embedded incorrectly as realplayer videos. (check the page source)

Decided to bypass all the adds and download directly:
(never mind these creeps stupid advertisements, although the only thing that worked on the
page was the 'increase your minds superpowers' advertisement, neato. )

So, bypass thier advertisements:
 link to www.thelawparty.org
 link to www.thelawparty.org
 link to www.thelawparty.org
 link to www.thelawparty.org

Aww, Got the first two, and the second two disappeared or were never there. Also, the page listed video 3
which was really video 4 and video 4 was actually video 3. Also, the page looks like absolute crap.

Oh well, I luckily don't have the stupid wmv audio codecs required to listen, just watch. Try encoding
the video in a standard mpg format instead of using stupid wmv files. Also, the real-audio aspect of the
web page didn't work, could it be because these are not real audio files?

Too bad, so sad. I was hoping this was going to be as good as the history channels "Bible Codes" series.

Well, at least I sucked on your bandwith. Maybie I'll go download these movies over and over until they
work correctly. Lucky for you I'm probably the only one here masochistic enough to watch...


Yeah, part 3 & 4 arn't there 14.Mar.2005 20:34


But there's this Bush Skull & Bones video:
 link to www.thelawparty.org
 link to www.thelawparty.org

and 14 who killed Kennedy videos:

 link to www.thelawparty.org

Too bad whoever made the web page doesn't know the difference
between realaudio and wmv (shades of crap).


Here's another link to video of Conspiracy of Silence 14.Mar.2005 20:50


A more direct link to video, Conspiracy of Silence 14.Mar.2005 21:18


Video "Conspiracy of Silence"

RealVideo: stream with RealPlayer
 link to sf.indymedia.org

I watched the whole video 14.Mar.2005 23:31


Have to say, thought the video was kind of hokey. Please watch it if you have any doubts.

Did make some observations though (I took notes):

Neither Noreen and Johnny Gosch were not mentioned once in the video.
(isn't that what this post is about?)

Video starts out talking about Larry King, convicted of robbing his own bank....

Most of the video pivots around three people who allege they were the child
victims of these people: Paul Bonaci, Alicia something, and Troy Bona
(probably not spelling right)

The video says right off that Paul Bonaci was convicted of molesting his cousin.

Troy Bona guy is a pretty shady seeming charachter if you ask me.

This Alicia girl seems a bit shady too. She was convicted of purgery.

Troy says he and Alica were flown around the country to sex parties.

Alicia, well, I'm kind of wondering how they fit her through the airplane door if you catch my drift.

It's repeatedly said that the FBI covered up this and that.
(Ted Gunderson is exFBI and they keep talking about the CIA)

This DeCamp guy seems to play the hero of the video, pressing for justice.
DeCamp said the FBI covered it all up.

It's revealed that DeCamp is "good friends" with Ex CIA director William Colby, and
he's actually intervied in the video!
(Thought the CIA was behind Johnnys kidnapping?)

The children involved (all now adults) claim they were given coke and heroin for sex.

Paul Bonaci got Coke, Heroin and White House tours in exchange for sex.

Anyway, the video is an hour long and it actually did remind me of the History channels,
"Bible Codes" series. In other words, pretty darn hokey.

But don't take my word for it, I could be a secret agent if I wasn't so baked, so watch for yourself.

Oh, I'm starting to actually wish my T.V. wasn't broken...

One big question though, what the hell does this have to do with Johnny Gosch and his mom?

In response to your question, HAHA 15.Mar.2005 09:08


"Neither Noreen and Johnny Gosch were not mentioned once in the video.
(isn't that what this post is about?)"

Alex is joined by Tom Flocco and former Senator John DeCamp to discuss elite sex slave rings and their link to the Gannon and Thompson stories.

You can listen to the radio show right here:

Sorry Charlie, I aint taking a bite. 15.Mar.2005 11:11


If the radio show ends up anywhere thats not related to kooks like Alex Jones, prisonplanet.com,
this tomflocco dork, rense.com or anywhere completely unrelated to skolnik or whatever his name is,
then perhaps I'll give a listen.

I'm propsing imc users boycott these purveyors of lies for profit. All this crap goes back to the same
tight niche little club of people who spread disinformation for profit and who knows what else.

I think these guys are engaged in a conspiracy to push conspiracy. So again, for me...No more prisonplanet.com
no more rense.com, no more stupid lies in the form of gigantic documents that are the literary version of a dog
chasing its tail.

You've obviously listened, why don't you just paraphrase what you heard and answer the fucking questions.
Why direct me to go listen to some crap when you've supposedly listened yourself. Answer the questions,
oh lapdog of liars.

The super tenuous Gannon-Gosch connection 17.Mar.2005 00:58

Johnny Gosch

So some of you might want to know how my name ended up tied to both Jeff Gannon and to Franklin.

Franklin - That's easy. First, around 1991-92, my mother, Noreen Gosch, and Ted Gunderson, the Maxwell Smart of the FBI, report jointly that "undisclosed sources" reveal I was a victim of the Franklin kidnapping scheme. Years later, after Gary Caldori's plane crashes, the two claim he was carrying evidence proving such. But some Satanists now have it, one of whom is the former police chief of Nebraska. And the only deputy who can confirm this isn't talking, because a couple of Satanists purposefully crashed their car into his, killing his wife. I am not making this up. My mom and Gunderson made this up. He published it here:  link to www.the7thfire.com

Later, in attempt to get the AG's office to provide funding for Gunderson to further his investigation, Gunderson submits a sworn statement from cokehead ritual abuse victim Paul Bonaci, who claims that he saw me killed at Bohemian Grove. But that's obviously BS, because now Gunderson is saying that I am alive and that my name is James Guckert/Jeff Gannon.

So is Gunderson the source of my reputed identity as Jeff Gannon? No. That guy's name is Sherman H. Skolnick. He first suggested I was Gannon here:  http://www.rense.com/general63/gad.htm

Now, Bellacio claims that a Democratic Underground forum post in the first time anyone connects Gannon and Gosch, and by the next day, Hunter S. Thompson is dead. This is not true. It was Skolnick theorized this first, and his article is one of the great works of humor of the 20th century.

As far as Hunter Thompson, the only thing connecting him to the story is that Paul Bonaci said in a 1990 deposition that when he saw me murdered at Bohemian Grove, a videographer was there, a one "Hunter Thompson". But that story is BS, since I am apparently Jeff Gannon, and alive and well in D.C.

Oh yeah, one more thing...You know those copies of the 1994 cancelled Discovery Channel documentary that Gunderson is peddling for $29.99? I don't get one f'ing penny for those. Not one. Do you any idea how many of those he has sold these last two weeks? I do.

In short:

Gannon: Important
Gosch: Important, if incomplete and bizarre

The insane and often debunked theory that Gannon=Gosch: Not terribly important, but hillarious!

Johnny Gosch

Oooh, those troublemakers! 20.Mar.2005 21:58


HA HA, are you done crying now, you fucking drunk?
( By the way, you seem to have a problem mistaking '>' for '.', stupid. )

You retards still believe that moranic Ted Gunderson and that liar, Noreen Gosch? That's pretty funny.

HA HA. Poor Noreen and Ted, nobody wants to by thier stupid shite.

 link to www.dmregister.com
Writer sues Gosch for work on book

John Zielinski says he did most of the writing of an account of Johnny Gosch's 1982 disappearance.

August 11, 2004

A researcher and author has sued the mother of long-missing paperboy Johnny Gosch, contending she owes him at least $24,000 for his work on a 2000 book about the boy's disappearance.

John Zielinski's lawsuit says Noreen Gosch and the Johnny Gosch Foundation promised more than five years ago to pay him for his work on "Why Johnny Can't Come Home." The book is an account of Johnny's 1982 disappearance and what allegedly happened to him afterward.

Zielinski says he was responsible for "writing and rewriting approximately 90 percent" of the book. He has yet to be paid, according to the lawsuit, despite Gosch's alleged agreement in 1999 to reimburse Zielinski for more than 1,200 hours spent to prepare and market the book.

Zielinski wants $6,000 for expenses, $18,000 in pay and a third of the book's sales revenue.

Court papers claim Gosch promised the payments "with the intent and for the purpose of deceiving Zielinski."

"None of that is true," Noreen Gosch countered this week.

Gosch, who sells copies of the book for $19.95 at www.johnnygosch. com, insists there was no agreement and that she "had most of the book written, because most of the chapters were of a personal nature or recording the time line of the case."

Zielinski "was never promised any dollar figure of any kind about anything," Gosch said. "He's just a troublemaker."

Zielinski's lawyer could not be reached for comment Tuesday.

where's arran when it gets down to tacks? 10.Aug.2005 03:22

TeeHee sieg1977@hotmail.com

Am starting to think that all of this stuff is gigantic waste of time and it really is Democrats v Republicans after all, that might be the craziest theory around though...

please observe HaHa & johnny gosch 12.Sep.2005 17:34

unselective tom tom@seidler.co.uk

note that haha clearly has read the material. See his readiness, and ability to use data intelligently to make a powerful point. Note the consistency of his posting, and his clear interest in making that point. Observe his knowledge of kooky sites that have covered the Gosch story. Yet he claims to not know the rather close connection between Bonnacci, DeCamp & Gosch. Mmm, you listened to that one video real closely watched it end to end to discredit it, yet these other sites that you reel off you haven't looked at all? Mmmm... I guess that could happen.

Please also note his comprehensive failure to deal with some of the very serious sticking points that lie at the bottom of this, like the related death toll, like why something as outrageous as the Franklin cover-up could get publish without John DeCamp ass being sued off. Like Paul Bonnacci being able to draw floor plans of the presidential suite. There is some hard-assed truth at the bottom of this.

There maybe some confusion, if these people have been shot up as much as is indicated they will end up abusing others (it is one of the sad statistics of life, what you have had done to you, you do to others too).

Does HaHa strike you as the kind of guy who has a heart to help you deluded people out who are reading such tripe? He seems to me a guy fairly loaded with contempt, bitter sarcasm and spite ? his intelligent & deliberate selective use of facts should tell you where he is coming from, and why he has found it in his deep 'heart' to help you see the light.

If that's not you haha, please tell us what you do, where you work now, who for ? with company numbers, phone numbers & website, and so we can check that up. Mine are as follows: I work for www.thegoodbook.co.uk, you can get me at tom__at__thegoodbook.co.uk; i've been there 6 years full time morer or less, my number is 0044 20 8942 0880.

Now big up all you people reading this, here is the flyer for a huge freeparty going on that you should come to.

In the King, wishing even Haha & the front of johnny gosch well, human beings are human beings; peace!