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Dubya's Tex-Mex Connections

Dubya's Mexican Connection or
Popeye Doyle's Wet Dream
George W. Bush -- El Pollo Loco

"Dime con quien andas y te dire quien eres."
"Tell me who you side with and I will tell you
who you are."
From the website of "George W. Bush For President"

The U.S. public is generally unaware of Dubya's
Mexican Connection, and the "foreign affairs"
concerning the Bush family's relationship with
the Mexican government and other connections.

The one event that makes this relationship obvious
is the elegant state dinner for Mexico's president,
Carlos Salinas, hosted by George I.
Only the the biggest of the movers and shakers in
Texas and Mexico were invited to this elegant,
boisterous event of state.
The activities of this group, and its members was
the legacy that George I passed on to George II.
Two members of this group were two men with
numerous connections to a large group of drug
cartel figures, and these men helped George II
win the Latino vote in Texas.

Among those attending this grand gala event were
Jeb and Columba Bush, Douglas Fairbanks Jr.,
Anthony Quinn, Larry King, and Barbara Walters.

Prior to the evening's grand soiree, George I and
Carlos Salinas had spent a long day discussing
and signing trade agreements. These agreements
were the forerunner of NAFTA.

Carlos Salinas invited the Bush circle to Mexico to
inspect his newly-created Dream Team, which
included his minister of finance, the secretary of
commerce, and Salina's personal favourite, Jose

As the years passed, those members of the Dream
Team who were not totally loyal were either sent
into exile, thrown into prison, or murdered.
Those remaining members of the Dream Team would
later help George II to carry on the legacy of
George I.

In addition to the Dream Team, there were the
loyal "Good Fellas" of Dubya's inner circle, which
included Robert Mosbacher Sr., the Secretary of
Commerce, Colin Powell, and James Baker, the
Secretary of State.

Some of the whos-who on the Bush guest list were
Gary Jacobs, who sold his Texas bank to Mexico
billionaire Carlos Hank Gonzalez, also a guest.
Tony Garza, a former judge, is now a member of
the Bush administration.
Roy Barrera, a criminal defense attorney, and
Ernesto Ancira Jr., a car dealer, both from San
Antonio, are among those included in the
"Amigos de Bush" group.
Barrera and Ancira have been linked to drug
cartels, and their friendship with G.W. Bush
has grown stronger over time.

The Bush-Mexican Connection had its beginnings
when George I merged his Zapata Offshore Oil
Company with the Perforaciones Marinas del
Golfo, owned by Jorge Diaz Serrano, in the 1960's.

It was reported in the Barron's financial newspaper
that in 1988, George and Jorge were using presta-
nombres -- name-lenders -- to hide the investment
of George I, and avoiding Mexico's foreign-owner-
ship laws.
When George I became vice president in 1981, he
had all related documents destroyed.

George I met Raul Salinas, father of Carlos, when
he was Mexico's Secretary of Commerce, and their
friendship has continued through the decades.

Jeb and Columba Bush have vacationed a few
times at the hacienda of Raul Salinas Sr., "Las
Mendocinas", spending much of their time with Raul
Salinas Jr.
Raúl Salinas Jr. has hosted several parties at his
father's hacienda, attended by the elite of Mexico's
drug cartels, G.W. Bush, and other Bush family

In 1993, George I and Carlos Salinas held a private
meeting in Texas, which they called "The Spirit of

As governor of Texas, George II had assumed the role
of George I, which he assumes today as president.
Dubya meets regularly with members of the Mexican
Connection, like President Zedillo, and Luis Tellez,
the Secretary of Energy, to "discuss" joint energy
agreements and trade issues.

Juan Ruiz Healy, a Mexican journalist reports that
George II has many friends who are connected
with drug cartels, some of whom have been linked
to the assassination of Mexican politico Jose
Francisco Ruiz Massieu.

Ernesto Ancira became involved with the Bush family
political dynasty when he co-chaired the "Adelante
con Bush" for George I as he campaigned for the
White House. During this time, Ancira and George II
became the best of friends. Ancira donated thousands
of dollars to George II's campaigns, and knows how to
schmooze with all politicians, Republicans and
Ancira paid the expenses for Congressman Henry
Bonilla to fly to Ciudad Victoria to meet with
Mexican officials in 1994, donated travel gifts
to Robert Mosbacher, Secretary of Commerce, as
well as using his Cessna to allow Mosbacher and
Jaime Serra to privately discuss NAFTA.
Ernesto Ancira was a millionaire and a good friend
of the Bush family. His connection to the Bush
family allowed him to develop many business and
political contacts, as well as friendships with
members of various drug cartels.
In 1987, Ancira became friends with Guillermo
Avila, a financier, and Gustavo Garcia, a
developer, who spent a lot of time together
until Avila was arrested for laundering drug

According to law enforcement officials, Avila had
been moving $500,000 in and out of accounts in the
U.S., the Cayman Islands, and the British Virgin
Islands. The police said that they had seized 21
tons of cocaine from a warehouse in Sylmar, Calif-
ornia, linked to Avila's house in El Paso, which
the authorities also raided. A cartel capo,
Rafael Munoz Talavera was staying at Avila's
residence at the time.
Ávila was convicted of laundering drug money, and
sent to prison for a year. After his release he
left the U.S., moving to San Luis Potosi.
Rafael Munoz Talavera was shot to death on a Juarez
street in 1998.

Ávila's attorney, Roy Barrera Sr., was a top-notch
criminal lawyer, and a close legal advisor to
George W. Bush.
Ernesto Ancira, Roy Barrera Sr., Roy Barrera Jr.,
his son and partner, are all good friends of the
Bush family, and they have all campaigned for
George I, under the slogan of "Adelante con Bush",
as well as campaigning for George II.
Roy Barrera Jr., also a top-notch criminal lawyer,
became a close legal advisor to George W. Bush too.
Barrera Jr., has remained close to the Bush family
over the years, and the Bushes campaigned for him
when he ran for state attorney general in 1986,
touting Barrera as an "outstanding young Texan"
who would "stand up to the drug dealers across
America." Barrera's bid for the A.G's office
was unsuccessful.
In 1988 Barrera Jr., became a member of the "Victory
Squad", a group of Bush's friends.
During George I's 1992 campaign, Barbara Bush and
Barrera Jr., drove around Texas stumping for him,
and in the same year Barrera Jr., became the
chairman for the Bexar County Republican party,
a position he still holds today
Both Barrera Sr. and Barrera Jr. are well-known as
the best criminal defense attorneys, who are very
successful in keeping most of their clients out of
prison. The Barrera's clientele include Juan Chapa
Garza, a U.S. coordinator for the Juarez cartel,
Mario Alberto Salinas, a cocaine smuggler and a
suspect in the 1985 killing of DEA agent Enrique
Camarena, and Enrique Fuentes Leon, a "consigliero"
of the Gulf drug cartel.
Fuentes Leon arrived in San Antonio in 1991,
at the time when Ernesto Ancira and Gus
Garcia were amassing their fortunes in the U.S.
and Mexico. Leon teamed up with Ancira and Garcia,
replacing the exiled Avila.
During this time the Anciras began to heavily
invest in luxury real estate, such as the new
"state-of-the-art" Dominion golf course near
San Antonio, where Ancira still sits as a board
Among the who's-who of those who invested in the
Ancira real estate venture were CEMEX, a cement
company(Zambrano-Trevinos), the chairman of
Mexico's Hotel/Motel Association, Rodolfo
Zedillo, the brother of the newly-elected
president of Mexico, and Enrique Fuentes Leon,
all of whom paid cash.

Fuentes Leon was wanted by the Mexican authorities
for bribing judges, to settle the case of an
Acapulco millionaire who had tortured, raped, and
murdered a six-year old girl.
Fuentes Leon fled to Chile, then to Argentina, and
eventually finding his way to Texas, about the
time that Rodolfo Zedillo received $8 million from
the Juarez cartel to start a business.
Fuentes Leon bought about one hundred acres in the
1990's, and he eventually acquired over $6 million
in San Antonio real estate.
The federal authorities began to watch Leon closer,
after he had defended a Gulf cartel "capo", Juan
Garcia Abrego in a criminal trial, in Matamoros.
Despite being wanted in Mexico on criminal charges,
Leon continued to travel in and out of Mexico,
using new Mexican passports.
Ancira occasionally flew Fuentes Leon between the
U.S. and Mexico in his private plane.
The group continued to make investments, making an
unsuccessful attempt to buy the San Antonio Light
newspaper in 1993, and settled for the Planeta
Mexico, a popular disco nightclub. One of the
investors, Manuel Pacheco, was later arrested and
convicted for money laundering, receiving fifteen
years in prison.
Enrique Fuentes Leon was finally arrested by federal
authorities and charged with attempted bribery and
laundering drug money. The Barrera's took Leon's
case, and they appealed unsuccessfully to the Bush's
to act on Leon's behalf.
The district attorney played a tape, on which Leon
was heard bribing an undercover INS agent, and
bragging about the murders of presidential candidate
Luis Donaldo Colosio, and Jose Francisco Ruiz Massieu,
the governor of Guerrero.

Raul Salinas was eventually charged and convicted for
the murder, but another suspect, Manuel Munoz Rocha
escaped arrest by fleeing the U.S.
Manuel Munoz Rocha disappeared about the time of
Fuentes Leon's arrest, and was never "officially"
seen again.
Gustavo Garcia, a developer and owner of a Brita
water purification business in Mexico, was brought
in as a partner in Ancira's real estate business.
Gustavo Garcia, with partner, Lebanese-Mexican
businessman Anuar Name(nah-may), own about one
hundred million in San Antonio real estate.
Gustavo Garcia has been investigated by federal and
local authorities for cocaine trafficking and money
laundering, but he was never charged.
Anuar Name is a close associate of Adnan Khashoggi,
an Egyptian arms dealer, a friend of Raul Salinas,
and a partner with Carlos Hank Gonzalez, who has
been investigated for links to drug cartels, money
laundering, and murder, in the U.S., Mexico, and
Costa Rica.
Name and Garcia bought the Mercantile Tower in San
Antonio, in February 1992, for five million -- cash.
The Carlos Hank Gonzalez family immediately moved in,
and Carlos H. Gonzalez Jr., leased the entire ground
floor for his Laredo National Bank.
Ernesto Ancira used the building for his campaign
headquarters when he ran for Texas State Senator in
Name and Garcia co-own a Tijuana disco, along with a
member of the Sonoran drug cartel.

Name and Garcia refinanced their building several
times in 1994, through a "private, personal bank",
the Lebanese Bank Audi.
Federal authorities suspected the bank's involvement
with laundering money and weapons smuggling, but no
charges were ever laid. However, the feds did freeze
a $6 million account, and charged a depositor with
running weapons and money laundering.
The bank has branches in New York, Geneva, Paris,
Luxembourg, and Beirut.
Ancira and the Barrera's campaigned for George I in
1992, and later for George II.
Things began to look up after George II was selected.
Ernesto Ancira, the "Amigo de Bush", was rewarded
with two Bush appointments. One was a coveted position
as a member of the advisory board at the University of
Texas's School of Business, and the other was to the
Texas State Workers Comp Board.
James Leininger, a good friend of George II, gave
Ernesto Ancira a board position in the Texas Public
Policy Foundation, a conservative think tank.
The Anciras and Xavier Autrey, a pharmaceutical
heir, convinced people to invest millions in their
Carbon Two project, which was to create a Tex-Mex
energy company, by re-vitalizing a decrepit coal-
burning power plant located on the border.
The Carbon Two scheme was a total failure.
Investors lost their savings.
The Anciras spent huge amounts on luxuries like
limousines, corporate jets, as well as San Antonio
real estate.
The company had amassed a debt of about $2 billion.
The Anciras began to quietly move their property titles
to holding companies in the Cayman Islands, with the
help of a front man, Marcelo Sanchez.

After his second selection, George II wanted to
strengthen U.S. energy ties with Mexico.
Bush held a press conference with Luis Tellez,
the Secretary of Energy for Mexico.
They both promised a "new era" in which the U.S. and
Mexico would eliminate the border, and which would
result in an integrated electrical network and a
common market for the production of electricity, oil
and gasoline.

It has been many years since that grand soiree in 1989.
George I was dethroned. Carlos Salinas is in exile and
his brother Raul is in prison.
The Barrera and Leon families have remained close through
the years.
In 2004, Roy Barrera Jr., became mired in a scandal when
he represented Allan Blackthorne, after the murder of his
ex-wife, Sheila Bellush, who was stabbed to death in front
of her children.
Ernesto Ancira, usually very active in supporting George II,
has been quietly remaining behind the scenes.
Ancira is involved with Senator Frank Madla, currently under
investigation by a federal grand jury for accepting favors
from a drug cartel capo de capo.
Ancira's name popped up again when Mexican newspapers
reported that Ancira's armed guards gave refuge and
protection to the former mayor of Mexico City, Oscar
Espinosa, who embezzled $45 million.
George W. Bush and Vicente Fox have made it very clear
that the move to total privatization will continue at
full speed, and that the U.S. and Mexico will continue
to have a "special relationship."
Naturally, this includes Canada as well, with the ultimate
goal being that all of North and South America be made
into one nation, and of course, with George II sitting on
the throne.
George II is oblivious to the fact that the public is well
aware of his lies, that Bush pretends his hands are clean,
that Bush is guilty by association, and that he "pretends"
to distance himself from his Tex-Mex connections.

The question is, What will happen when George II decides
that he will continue to remain in authority?
Props... 14.Mar.2005 12:11

U. Sam

Now we know why they call them the Bush crime family. They make the sopranos look like the cleavers. The only difference, the sopranos do their own dirty work.