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Battle for the Biscuit comes to Portland

i've been following the stories here on indymedia of the direct actions that have been taking place this week to stop the logging in the Fiddler Sale in the Biscuit area. It's been quite exciting to see that so many people have been willing to put their bodies on the line, and that so many have been supporting them. My admiration and gratitude totally go out to them.

i'm also impressed at how organized the outreach effort is. Today, outside my co-op, some folks had set up an info table to draw attention to their fight. They had photos printed up from the portland indymedia website, Call to Action flyers to distribute, and were making themselves available to spread the word and to collect donations. Many people stopped to talk to them and it was clear they were getting support! Such grassroots organizing inspires me.
i visited the Biscuit myself a couple weeks ago, shot a bunch of video, and am working hard to get a finished piece out that can help with these outreach efforts. This issue won't be going away anytime soon, unfortunately, and will probably be playing out in one way or another over the Summer. Even if the lawsuit that starts on March 22 goes our way, and the Late Successional Reserve sales are declared illegal, there's still acres and acres of "Matrix" trees that are in danger, and whose loss would cause grevious damage to the ecosystem.

So this post is a "Props!" to the folks who are doing the fighting down there and up here, and another call-to-action to people who aren't yet involved. There's lots of ways to support the struggle, from going yourself, to donating money/food/gear or giving rides. Other posts on this site give the details for how to do those things.

Save the Wild Siskiyous!
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thanks for spreadin' the word!