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Time For the People to UPRISE, Because We Know Who Our Enemy Is

This morning I was sitting on my porch and as the bus drove by I saw this very noble and beautiful black woman staring out the window and looking in my general direction. She was looking sad and I could only wonder what menial job she was headed to. I could only wonder if she was thinking to herself "i've been working all my life but ain't got nothing show, i ain't telling you nothing you dont already know."

This is all taking place in North Portland, and the community is getting harder. The other day the shots rang out. They rang out on 17th and Killingworth, the rang out on Shaver and Mississippi. The nice weather brings out the street element.

As protesters we say to ourselves, "whose streets, our streets" and we say it to the cops with little or no meaning whatsoever, because we dont have it in our colelctive consciousness that we CAN make that the reality.
The kids on the blocks with gang colors say the same thing. THese are thier streets and they have the guns to defend the streets. The white folk moving into these neighbourhoods are amplifying the situation, bringing white money to these parts and buying houses, upping the property values. The gang turfs are shrinking and this causes gun battles. The police move in to protect property and murder unarmed black folk.

This is going to be a hot summer, and the guns are going to be drawn, just like last summer and the year before. And the situations are just getting hotter until they copletely explode. But who do the guns get pointed at, we point them at each other and the cops point them at us.

It seems like we are quick to draw guns and point fingers when we are fighting each other, but when the real enemies, these oppresive systems of control and the goons that are here to strike fear and maintain the status quo, come in we continue fighting ourselves.

This is nto a proper way to create or sustaina revolutionary track. We need to organize, if not for ourselves then for our kids, because it is clear who the enemy is. We need to uprise and point our guns and our strength the other way, BECAUSE WE KNOW WHO OUR ENEMY IS!

Portland is a great area to uprise. We seem to always be on the brink on taking that step and crossing the line. But there is this unspoken fear, we watch comrades cross the lines by themselves and systematically they are gunned downed, imprisoned, silenced. And we allow this to be a means to further suppress our desires to follow through with that chant, "whose streets, our streets."

The truth is that these streets are ours and that we have every right to take them back. Actions in the Biscuit, those forests are our forests and why would we let the capitalist pigs to rape this land, we stand against that and risk arrest, some comrades are sitting in jail or in a grave because of thier love for this land that they believed was theirs to defend.

We need to collectively beleive that we can win, we outnumber the capitalists and the police a hundred to one, yet when they strike down on us we recoil. Why havent we banded together to take that next step, what is this fear that is so great to keep us from living out our lives?

In this society that i was brought up in, a society of convenience, it is hard to imagine not living without that safety idea of being able to just walk to a store an buy something. It is hard to imagine that to get waht I need I will have to do something, it is easy to allow other folks to do that for me and remain it to be unseen.

Collectively we are aware of the struggles that labor goes through we are aware of sweatshops and corporate violence against idigenous people. We fight it yet buy into it at the same time. Why cant we be quick to do away with those systems of control and fear and start living our lives for ourselves, why cant we put our hands into soil and watch our food grow?

Again, we know who our enemy is. It is not each other, yet we constantly battle each other or belittle each other. We should look hard around us and say that these are our comrades, we may not agree with everything the other beleives, but if we want to win we will have to sacrifice that pride, bind arms and draw weapons.

These ideas of petitioning a system of control so great that it overcasts the entire world, how can anyone imagine to change it without enacting the same violence against it that it enacts against us and so many others?

There are people training every day all day, getting big and learning to fight. Picking up guns and aiming them at the day they can start to take out our collective enemies and move forward with each other. I think the day is soon that we should prepare for. I think we should stop marching in the streets and start training together eating healthy together, diggin in the dirt climbing trees and doing drills.

Can you imagine the small band of folks, like the black panthers who in the sixties became the greatest threat to internal security of this country only had membership of 5000. They were threatening because they had weapons and community support, and they knew how to use both.

This is not saying that the entire activist community has to drop what they do and pick up guns, but imagine that. Support groups are necessary, here in Portland we have great support groups in regards to food and health. We are working on homes and processes of production. THose that are working on health and food and shelter, continue. Those that are endlessly yapping about what ifs, get down on the ground and do twenty pushups. Go to the park and do some pullups. See what you can do.

It is time for us to start thinking critically and realizing that we can play this game of cops versus protesters or we can train to win. And if we make the right choice we can win. We need to think about sacrificing our lives in COMBAT for our communities and our comrades. Our sisters and brothers, our flesh and blood.

Right now, we are at war and we fail to beleive it so much so that we are constantly picked off and losing. Whatever happened to the idea of critical mass? I remember reading the autibiography of Malcolm X and what solidified the Black Muslims as a force int he community was when one of their brother was brutalized by police and the Muslims marched on the police and stood strong. Just stood strong and ORGANIZED.

That solidified a force that was reckoned with. And eventualyl that support was eroded because of a general failure to unify under the guise that WE WANT FREEDOM BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY! THink about banding together for collective freedon. Think about what that means. Then think about winning and start moving forward.

See you at the gym, at the shooting range, then on the streets. Arms locked together masks tight around our faces as we begin to take back our lives, because we know who our enemy is.
Are You Nuts? 10.Mar.2005 10:20

a nony mouse

Who created this character? Sure, go shoot a cop, ASSHOLE! Is THIS the kind of 'activist' Portland needs? Boyz n' the Hood goes Guevara? Only in your dreams! The Black Panthers main claim to fame was feeding hungry ghetto children, all that other nonsense is nothing but government propaganda. They were about as much of a national security threat as Fred Flintstone! The Left doesn't need this type of social misfit to raise it's flag. You sound like you're looking for an excuse to kill people. Either you're some pathetic nutcase or this is a bad joke from some amateur troll. Go feed some kids!

Not so Fast 10.Mar.2005 11:03

Jumping Mouse

Of course a "nony" mouse would have its snout so far down in the dirt as to not see the underlying wisdom in what was said by "you know". In fact, paramilitary training as been a part of the conservative right for a long time. Mostly rural people, used to doing hard, physical, work in order to make a living, they have no illusions about who they will be fighting. In the future, in the coming economic-ethnic wars, it will be just those softy left-wing, socialists who will invade the country side and seek to take the food and water of the rural people. Essentially this is what's happening in the Biscuit forest right now. Rural people, and rural minded city folk, are defending what they regard as their resources from the city banker, socialist folk.

revopollution! 10.Mar.2005 14:00

kiss america goodbye

there is no sence tring to stop this nose dive. kids raised on nihlistic sit-com alterno music, writing their own comic books with themselves as the hero - what can we expect... they will [sic] growup to be
just like their enemies, the cops and other such morons. theses fools actually believe that this will be 'the' revolution, defying history and common sence, where this time, the underdog wins. the elite have raised this generation for this pupose, yes, the elite cant wait to unlesh their hounds and arsenal of toys on the dumb bastards, and everybody else. wake up kids, you have been set up. the patriot act is -not- a movie. the beautiful forests that are being destroyed for profit and vainly tring to be protected, will be obliterated from the air for sport, because misguided egomaniacs will lead you like the pied piper right to your napalm doom. "my gun against your empire" - does this sound like a winable fight? the rebels in mexico could be slaughtered at anytime, the cat just aint done toying with its prey. make peace with your maker, cause there is only one way out, and it aint by making peace with your piece(same mentality as guess who). i have no illusions on this, this country is going down, and taking the habitat (whats left of it) along with it.

one to ponder~ do you know who controls/owns the american empire and where they live?

kiss cascadia hello, baby 10.Mar.2005 18:59


I gotta disagree with old cynical America kisser here, What he raises is a real possibility, and one we have to be aware of. But it is not the only one. Strategies of separation without war are possible, though this is not the place to discuss them. And as we clearly see, the new toys of the empire are not nearly so invincible as A. Kisser would have us believe. Believe, instead, in a freer, better world, right here, right now. And make it happen, however you think is best.

whose streets? 11.Mar.2005 01:48

somebody's streets

> because we dont have it in our colelctive
> consciousness that we CAN make that the reality

No, we just don't have the numbers to change much of anything.

Most of the people "whose streets" they are don't show up to the protests.

Somebody's streets 11.Mar.2005 09:07

Hector Villanueva

They don't show up because we don't show up to public actions against prick landlords, vicious cops, and economic injustice. Ask yourself: what relevance do you have to the latino or black communities in Portland? You want allies? Get the fuck out of Red & Black (love 'em though I do) and make a friend in North Portland or South Seattle.

There is only one cause. There is only one issue. You know it. 'They' know it. A global system of exploitation makes the job of organizing across culture lines increasingly simple. Learn another language and use it.

Use economic clout 11.Mar.2005 09:12


They have more deadly weapons than you can dream of - all paid by taxpayers!

If the American people wanted to topple their government all they have to do is just stop buying and stop working for even one day and the corporation as a "person" will shit its pants. Now if the whole world did this even for a day...we'll see how nuts the corporation becomes. No money, no control!Now add to this: withdraw all your money from the banks and Papa Greenspan will lose his job and his pension. This is what one does when the guns of the State turned enemy of the people are bigger. Even God will not be able to help Bushit when the people refuse to buy and to produce.

It's time to do this kind of good propaganda among the masses. (But remember that to advocate a boycott against the person/corporation can also be called "terrorism" and we all know what that means by now.)

To sensible 11.Mar.2005 12:56


A nationwide strike is a great idea- but how do we survive in the time between the complete collapse of the present system system and the emergence of a self-sustaining society? or, how does one even ensure that a self-sustaining cooperative society will fill in the blank?
i'm not second guessing ya, just wondering.

good intent, but... 11.Mar.2005 13:19

yanqui latina

Che Guevara once said something about the revolutionary 'fish' needing the 'sea' of the masses to swim in. I think that applies here. Before we even start talking about armed conflict, there needs to be much more done to achieve mass support and ensure that some kind of sustainable system is able to step into the void.
Further, having seen the current state of some of the places that took up arms to throw off oppresive systems, i would advocate having armed conflict be the last possible resort. Unless we want to end up like say El Salvador, which would be pretty bad...
I also agree with the need to have people of color feel comfortable and empowered in the activist scene. And we definately need to make the leftist scene relevent to the lives of people who are not white and/or priviledged, as Hector said. But that sort of thing has to be done with a lot of tact and awareness, because people in marginalized communities know when they are being co-opted. The assumption to begin with that just because someone is a POC, or poor, they are going to be radical, is completely off-base.
Secondly, POC and those in poorer communities are not a commodity and don't want to be treated as such- if they feel like they're simply being involved based on their skin color/ circumstances, they are probably not going to be interested. It's like that horrible question in activist groups of, how can we get more people of color/women/gay people in our group? like they're some sort of product that more is needed of to be 'fair'.
Also, their is this tendency i've noticed with white and upper-class activists to have this savior mentality- i.e. we're going to save these people, but we are going to do it on our own terms. Trying to convince POC/underpriviledged people how they can best help themselves is not cool, or radical, or in keeping with the idea of a society free of hierarchy.
I really agree, though, with the orignal poster's underlying message on the need for solidarity.

Learn another language, YES 11.Mar.2005 14:48

Cascadian Secessionist


Might I suggest the language of our land, Chinook Jargon. You can't get much more multicultural than that. It's time this language is secret no more. There's plenty of resources on the web, and it's easy to learn.

Welcome! 11.Mar.2005 19:55

Aloha whitewomen@starsinthesky

learn as many languages as you can Wayteheh! Kanishi!