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KBOO Morning News Headlines 3/10/05

posting our headlines for quick review of the days news and to promote feedback and submission of local stories
chris andraea produced the news
sarah gladen anchored
carlos chavez engineered

1. Panell OK's mental health parity measure.
2. ONS: Rural schools.
3. SEC calls forr fast action on markets overhaul.
4. Portland City Councill; Employee Free Choice Act.
5. Judge dismisses Vietnamese lawsuit against makers
of Agent Orange.
6. Senate GOP gains victory on debt and abortion.
7.Inventor of the laser wins science and spirituality
8. Journalists are joining forces to promote policiess
aaimed at ensuring openess in government.
9. FSRN: USA Patriot Act and libraries.
10.Bush steps up pitch for drilling in Alaska.
11.FSRN: Bolivians challenge Mesa.
12.Equaaador indigenous people fight oil threat.
13.FSRN: Mass protests in Guatemala.
14.Pakistan government acknowledges rogue
scientistgave centrifuges to Iran.
15.Torture review exonerates US policy.
16.Shamed US to hand over abu Ghraieb prison to
17.Scientists issue malaria warning.

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